Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Forget the forget me nots.

I had started to eat peanut butter sandwiches although I knew I had a bit of a problem with them and yesterday, when I sat in my armchair and looked at my very round bloated stomach, I decided that was enough of that and got up and threw the half empty jar in the trash bag. No matter how much I like peanut butter, it is not worth looking six months pregnant for. 

I couldn't have given the peanut butter to the Exfactor because he has never learned to like it. That must be because of some incident in his childhood, I can't explain it any other way because which child does not like peanut butter? 

I did discover that very ripe and soft pears agree with me very well which means that I will get more of them the next time I go shopping. My guest had bought them and left them behind and I very gladly ate one of them for dessert last night. It was so juicy that a piece of it slipped out of my fingers and landed on the ground much to Tyke's delight who ate it greedily. Pears, as opposed to apples, do not upset my stomach. 

The Exfactor was here for dinner and I managed to cook the trout properly with their heads attached although they hardly fit into the pan. I thought they tasted okay but I prefer salmon which has a much more interesting flavor. I also made baby peas and spicy fried potatoes and everything turned out well. We did justice to the food and the Exfactor did justice to the bottle of Pinot Noir. 

I had a domestic help in the afternoon who I think will be more or less permanent and I am glad about that because the fun of having someone new show up every time is just about beginning to wear off. This one I have had three times now and she does a good job. She washed the windows and they are very clean and have no streaks which is always a miracle and something I can't manage myself. .I do appreciate it when it is done well.

I have had more of a need for sleep and I will blame that on the time of year. It is not that my mood is low, not at all. It is that I genuinely feel the need to take a long nap in the afternoon and can hardly keep my eyes open. I even try drinking cups of coffee to make me alert but they don't help and only seem to make me sleepier.

Woody Allen's film "To Rome with Love" is playing in the filmhouse on Friday evening. I want to go see it and I will ask the Exfactor if he wants to come. It's more fun than going by myself and he doesn't fall asleep halfway through the movie.


Gail said...

Odd that peanut butter does that. Maybe you a bit allergic to it.

It is nice to have someone to do the chores you are unable to do. I would love shiny windows but it shall have to wait until I finish tearing the house apart and reassembling it.

Elaine Denning said...

Bread makes me bloat so I don't eat it anymore. If you have IBS, wheat is usually one of the no-no's.

Rob-bear said...

Too bad about the peanut butter, but the news of the pears is good. Hope you enjoyed the movie.