Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drowning in sleep.

I am threatening to fall asleep above the keyboard as I was browsing through Facebook despite my very strong cup of coffee so I decided to do something more active and write this post instead. I will have to see what I make of it and if I can stay awake but my intention is to do exactly that and soon have another cup of coffee. No doubt I will be awake enough after a while and not be breaking out in cold sweats from the efoort. 

I don't even know if any of that made sense but bravely onward I continue. 

This morning I cleaned out the chest of drawers in the living room and threw away the things that I didn't want to pack in boxes and take with me to Emmen. What was then left over, I did pack and it is now completely done except for some music and video tapes that belong to the Exfactor and that probably need to be disposed of. I will let him make that decision. 

I am going to be packing things in the kitchen cabinets next that I won't be using and also disposing of things and I suppose I will fill a trash bag or two that eventually will be taken to the dump.  There will be nothing of value in them. This way I get ahead of myself as much as possible for when the time of the actual move arrives. 

I am already very organized so things aren't very difficult to do but it is good to have this final purge. The less I take with me to move, the better.

There is method to my madness. 

My closet is so organized that I can pack the summer clothes that I have left already and actually most of what is on the shelves. Not that it is that much after I had already purged it. It is very nice to face an at least half empty closet.

You can probably tell that I am excited about moving and it is one of the things I am looking forward to very much in the new year. It will be so nice to make a new start and to leave old memories behind. I never did like this life here very much although I can't say that I am on the run. I am well enough settled in but ready to leave it behind me. 

I have a serious case of the munchies and could eat a horse. I would like to eat something very decadent but I don't know if there is anything like it in the kitchen. I will have to go in search of it and if I find it, get a stomach ache. 

Another choice would be to go to bed and forget about the whole thing. That may be wiser.


Connie Rose said...

So you ARE moving. Back to Essen? or elsewhere? Hope all is well. xo

Anonymous said...

Do you know yet when there will be an apartment available for you? Sounds like it might happen early in the new year, from the way you are talking - and packing!

Wisewebwoman said...

good to get organized and be prepared and interesting to see what is important and not.
You have a great head start!