Saturday, November 10, 2012

That is also very good!

The film "To Rome with Love" was very well done and fun to watch and not overly American at all. It was uncomplicated and humorous and only a bit predictable. It made for a nice evening out with a good discussion at the end. And so we were pleasantly occupied for a couple of hours.

Dinner beforehand was nice too and I fixed the tilapia filets in the mictowave. They were quickly done and did not dry out and thanks to the special spices, tasted really good too. It is a better way to fix them than pan frying them and you don't have any of the work or the mess and the baking dish is easy to clean up too,

I had gotten a different brand of blended spices to sprinkle on the potatoes when I fried them in olive oil and liked them better but they did make me very thirsty. I will have to cook the potatoes with less salt. I had a bottle of ice cold water at the film house and drank a big glass of otange juice when I got home. Maybe it is silly to only order water but when it is ice cold and you are thitsry, it sure does go down easy. 

By trial and error I have found out not to have any condiments with my food at all, much as I like mayonaise and honey mustard with my potatoes and fish. I just have to eat them plain and enjoy them that way. My stomach goes in a terrible uproar if I do try to eat condiments and that is completely not worth it. The Exfactor simply does not like them so they are not on the table at all.

We have made a deal to go see a film twice a month if there are good ones worth seeing and I don't think that is going to be a problem because the film house usually has a good selection. I think I also want to go see the new James Bond film `Sky Fall` because it has gotten good reviews and the people who have gone to see it all like it a lot. It seems to have a story within a story and have some depth to it. 

I had to walk Tyke later in the evening than is usual but he did not like it and was easily spooked. Any sight and sound at all scared him and all he wanted to do was go home as quickly as possible. I was not scared myself so he did not pick it up from me. He must be afraid of things that go bump in the night. 

I managed to wash my hair carefully yesterday and not have the stitches in my head come undone. That area was a bit painful and I had to be careful when I dried my hair with the towel.  I combed my hair and tried to avoid the spot were the stitches were but at one time did comb over it and it was very unpleasant. The comb snagged and I thought I pulled a stitch out. Luckily, I did not and ended up with squeaky clean hair and that was something to be happy about. 

I have to go back to bed and sleep a little longer. It is Saturday and there is no need to rush. The weekends are still to relax in, after all.


Wisewebwoman said...

Did you see Midnight in Paris by Woody?
I did and didn't like at all.
Is To Rome with Love an improvement on that if you did see?

Maggie May said...

It is a pity about the spices/sauces. I find as I get older more & more seems to set my tummy in turmoil.

Poor Tyke..... at least he doesn't have to put up with fireworks going off all the time like we do. It has gone on a week now & my rabbits hate it.

Good idea about the monthly film. Glad you enjoyed this one.
Maggie X

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