Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Try this at home if you please.

The first cup of coffee that I had after I got up did not agree with me at all and I had to hang over the toilet for a bit. I think it is because I ate fish for dinner last night and that did not sit well in my stomach at all. I had already aniticipated that but it was an experiment to see if I was right about that or not. In an unpleasant way I found out once again that I have to stick to fruits and vegetables.

I drank a tall glass of Crystal Clear water and that settled my stomach down again and I was able to drink a cup of coffee after that which is good because I did need the cafeine and I feel ever so much more cheerful now. That certainly is my preferred state of mind and I really do not want to find myself in any other one. Temporary grumpiness is only tolerated for a very short time. 

The package that I had neglected to stay home for finally arrived yesterday afternoon but I was not curous enough to open it immediately and put it down on my bed to open later. I had forgotten what was in it and was not expecting all that much from it. When I finally got around to looking at what was inside of it, I found the most adorable top and I put it on right away with a pair of jeggings to match. It turns out that I do have good taste after all. 

I now have my wardrobe complete although I could use another pair of boots but they are expensive and I can not afford them. I have found out that I like boots with a bit of a heel and that these are very comfortable to wear besides adding a few inches to my height. I do like being even taller than I am and the next pair of boots will have higher heels also. I wish I could buy them quickly but I will have to be patient. It is a virtue after all.

I made a big pan of soup yesterday with the vegetables I had left in the refrigerator. There were enough of them left to make it interesting and filling and I had two bowls of it as soon as it was ready. I started a list on the white board of new vegetables I will have to buy to make more pans of soup that will be even tastier. Needless to say, the soup agrees with me very well. 

The Exfactor was here in the afternoon and I gave him the cumin seed cheese as well as several cuts of pork that I had and that I will not be eating. He was happy with them although at one time he was a vegetarian. I do not know what happened to that noble idea. I think the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. I think he has an indestructable stomach and a very fast metabolism. 

Today I am seeing the hypno-therapist for an intake meeting. I am not in the least nervous and full of good cheer. I have high hopes that this is going to work and already picture myself as a non-smoker. It is a big enough wish of me that I want to see it come true and I am financially very motivated.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am aiming for the top.


Wisewebwoman said...

I'm in a soupy mood as well and have made many delicious ones over the last wee while. A leek, mushroom and garlic has been especially wonderful.


Rudee said...

Fingers crossed all went well with the hypnotist.