Sunday, November 11, 2012

He would like that one.

I got a sample of a very good dog food in the mail yesterday and when I gave it to Tyke to eat, he ate all of it without a moment's hesitation. This did surprise me because he normally does not approach any kind of dog food that way. After he was done eating it, he looked around as if he wanted more. Unfortunately, there was none. 

The sample did come with two coupons for ten euros off each on bags of at least three kilos, so I went to the on line pet shop and ordered the first bag. I just hope that when it gets here, Tyke is as enthused about it as he was about the sample bacause it is expensive dog food. 

I am willing to pay the price if he wants to eat it and if it is good for him. There has been a problem trying to find food that he likes and that is healthy for him to eat. He is eating people food right now but I am sure that is not good for him in the long run.

I will have to keep my fingers crossed and hope it is a success. I am assuming that he will appreciate my efforts and be a grateful dog. 

I was up earlier tonight in the mistaken belief that I was awake. Nothing could have been further from the truth and I fell asleep sitting here behind the computer for a whole hour. Luckily, I had enough sense to go back to bed and finish the first portion of sleep for this night.

Instead of buying otange juice, which was a bit expensive, I bought non carbonated mineral water flavored with orange and manderin juice and I started drinking that yesterday evening. I did not know what to expect of it but it does taste good and it is a great thirst quencher and very kind to my stomach because it is a very neutral drink. I think it is better not to drink carbonated beverages because they don't agree with me so much and I think plain orange juice is too acid. .

I constantly have to try out things to eat and drink and find out which agree with me the most and how affordable they are so I do not shop over my budget. If Tyke likes this dog food, I can stop buying bread and margarine and liverwurst and save money that way and not be tempted to eat any of it myself. 

I am basically living on fruits and vegetables and chicken and fish. If I eat like that, I feel best and my gastro-intestinal  system gives me the least amount of problems.I did make the mistake of trying red cabbage with apples for dinner yesterday and I knew after two bites that it was. I had forgottem all about the apples and me not being able to eat them.

I also got a sample of a liquid tablet of a washing product in the mail and I did a load of laundry with that. Now, I am not going to claim that my clothes got cleaner because they never do get that dirty, but I do have to say that they smell very good and the whole bathroom did when I hung them up to dry. I do also use the fabric softener so they smell nice anyway but now they did especially so.

If manufacturers send samples out, they do get converts to their products if they are really good. All they have to do is prove it. I am more than willing to pay a little bit more money for a product that's worth it. I don't want to buy something that is inferior. Just try me out and I will see if I like it. 

I am not ready to go back to bed. I will do some chores instead because I am wide awake. I did have some coffee like I usually do but I think this alertness is completely due to myself. I will probably get sleepier toward dawn and crash then. Luckily, Tyke likes to sleep late.


Rudee said...

For two nights now, I've had the worst dreams. I awakened last night twisted in the blankets. My bed looked like I had done battle there, which I had. Try as I might, I can't sleep in and I've been up before 5 in the morning. I think it's the change of light with winter approaching. My body seems to want to take advantage of the early morning light.

I hope Tyke likes his new food. I had a Doberman who wouldn't eat unless I cooked special food for him. Leo eats anything not nailed down and that makes life so much easier!

Wisewebwoman said...

Ansa is weird lately, she has always been a lackadaisical eater, come si come sa but all of a sudden she can't get enough and paces for more dry which she would normally turn her nose up at.

I suppose dogs go through stages like we do. Good luck with Tyke and the dog food.

Most we ever get off is $1 so 3E is huge.


Maggie May said...

Hope Tyke likes his new food. I have always found dogs to be less finicky than cats,
Rabbits have to change foods very, very slowly as they have very delicate insides and a sudden change of food could finish them off.

have you tried boiled rice with your chicken & veg.
I find that it settles the most delicate tummy.
Have you tried Indian Tonic water for a change? We find it very refreshing.
Maggie X

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