Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Step up to the plate.

I had the stitches in my head removed by the doctor's assistant yesterday morrning and I did not feel a thing of it. It was a perfectly painless procedure and I walked out of there cheerfully with only some hair out of place. That wound has healed well and I can now almost comb my hair normally again. I have to be a little careful because of the scab. At least I can wash my hair without any problem and that is a relief because I do love clean hair. 

The Exfactor came over in the morning and we had a pot of tea which I am drinking more and more of. I have discovered that it is a natural diuretic and that it cleans your whole system. At least the kind of tea that I drink does.It is nice to drink tea when you have had your fill of coffee and I think the Exfactor appreciated it also. We have decided to go see the new James Bond movie next week providing I fix dinner beforehand. He did ask me to come for dinner at his house but I do not feel like riding my bike all the way over there in the dark. 

The dog food that I had ordered for Tyke arrived and I immediately put some in his bowl and much to my relief he ate all of it. I think this is so much better than sandwiches on whole grain bread with liverwurst, although he can still have those once in a while until the liverwurst is all gone. I am undecided if I am going to eat the bread myself and think I may just stick to whole grain breakfast cake which is very filling and nutritious and makes you regular. 

Another thing that was delivered was the eau de toilette by Bruno Banani and it came with three samples of other eaux de toilette. I immediately put some of the Bruno Banani on and smelled heavanly and like I wanted to be my own date. I do not regret buying that scent because the other perfume I had is just about gone and not nearly as good. I told the Exfactor about my love for good scents and he almost understood it but I do not think he realizes the importance of it to me. I think he likes the smell of motor oil. 

I did not do the groceries yesterday because of not wanting to go out in the cold on my bike and made do with what I had in the kitchen cabinets. I had spaghetti and stuffed myself. I did remember not to cook the spaghetti too long because this kind was done in no time at all. It was almost instant spaghetti. I had a pretty decent sauce from Tuscany and liked it almost as well as the fresh one I had the other day. Almost! I am very thirsty now and have had several glasses of mineral water already and want some more. No doubt that is from the bottled sauce which is probably too salty for my taste. 

I am going to start packing all the things in the cabinets and drawers that I do not need and use and in the process I will probably throw away a lot of things too.  I want to get a head start on moving. It will be nice to get organized ahead of time as much as possible. I think there are still things here that belong to the Exfactor that he may or may not be interested in. Either way, a decision will have to be made about them and I hope they can just be tossed out. I will gladly do it. Just give me a trash bag and the job will be done. 


Gail said...

I am glad you are healed.

I have been back reading your posts and saw your mention of moving back to your home town.

I could find no mention of it prior nor of your volunteer work.

I am left behind and wonder how I did it.

Murr Brewster said...

Oh golly. If only I had a dog, I would know what to do with the liverwurst.

Rudee said...

"I immediately put some of the Bruno Banani on and smelled heavanly and like I wanted to be my own date."

Best line I've read all week!