Friday, November 23, 2012

Taking my chances.

My GP is sending me to a dietician because he doesn't think that anything but a food intolerance is the matter with me. It is just a question of finding out which one it is. As a result of that, and tired of trying to figure it out on my own, I have decided to start eating everything I want again and let the dietician work out the problem. I do not have enough knowledge to work this out on my own and will act like I can just eat whatever I please.

This morning I am going shopping again and I am going to buy things that I have not eaten for a long time and darn the consequences. I will try a variety of foods simply because I want to eat them and because any one else eats them too. That includes some meats and dairy products and whatever the heck looks good. 

Yesterday for dinner, I ate my food in stages. I had filet of fish and Brussels sprouts and fried spiced potatoes  with intervals in between and nothing too horrible happened. I had decided not to worry about it one bit and accept whatever happened and then nothing very much really did. Maybe I have been avoiding foods and worrying for nothing. 

Having made this decsion, I feel so much better and it has taken a lot of pressure off my shoulders. It caused too much stress having to worry about the foods I could or could not eat and to think there was something wrong with me. I am now going to act like nothing is. 

I look forward to shopping and looking at the foods I have been avoiding and totally neglecting to check out when I have been in the supermarket before. It will be like a whole new world opening up to me and I will be dazzled by the choices. You can not imagine the joy it will be to eat like an ordinary person.

Today I am also going to meet my friend Lucienne downtown to do some Christmas shopping. I think I will get all of mine done at one department store and that I will not have to go all over the place in one store and out the other. I have a pretty good idea what I want to get for the remainder of the presents that I have to buy. 

This week has gone by incredibly fast although I do not have the idea that I did an awful lot with it. It was not an especially action filled week. Time goes by quickly when you get older and I wish it were not so. 

I am going to be decreasing one of my medications that I had increased at the time of my sister's death. I feel that I do not need the increase anymore and it makes me a little flat emotionally. I am only going to decrease it with one milligram so the difference is not that great.  I do this with my psychiatrist's blessings because I checked with him first. It will be good to be a bit more animated.

Today the weekend really starts because the domestic help has been here yesterday and I like this new one very much. I did get lucky. As a result, Friday is a day off and I can spend it how I want and don't have to follow any kind of a schedule except for walking Tyke on time. If I get my chores done, then all is well.

I have to go and sleep a little longer. It is not quite morning yet.

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Maggie May said...

Glad that you are not so worried now & that the doctor doesn't think its anything to be concerned about.
I have suffered Irritable Bowel Syndrome for a good deal of my life and that has always been aggravated by stress.
Some foods I do have to avoid though.

Good for you getting all your Christmas shopping done. I haven't started yet and I also have lots of family Birthdays in December making it avery expensive month!

We are having a sunny lull in the midst of a storm. I've just been clearing up leaves that fell from the shrubs & trees during the high winds.
Maggie X

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