Saturday, November 03, 2012

Don't try this at home.

I had run out of stomach tablets two days ago but was not too concerned about this and took my time calling the doctor's office for a refill from the pharmacy. I didn't expect rhis decsion of mine to lead to so much discomfort and I came to regret it very much. By yesterday morning I couldn't wait for it to be time to call the doctor's office to arrange for them to fax rhe recipe and then I called the Exfactor to have him pick up the pills from the pharmacy.

In the meantime I suffered from pain and gas and other unpleasantries and was a miserable human being and the Exfactor had misunderstood the urgency of my request and did not show up with the pills until in the afternoon. I immediately took two of them and kept my fingers crossed.

He had aslo bought two salmon moats for Judy and me to eat for dinner and I thought that was very kind of him. I fixed those and we ate them with a lot of enjoyment although I was not back to normal yet. Because I was not, I went to bed early where I was awoken at midnight by the very unpleasant effects of irritable bowel syndrome and dealt with that.

Now that I have been up for a while it does seem that everything has settled down to a dull roar and that I am pretty much back to normal. I can drink coffee and sit here in peace and quiet just like any other person without much of a care on my mind. I do count my blessings, small but significant as they are. It is a wonderful thing to feel better after you have been miserable. 

I haven't been careful enough with my food and have been eating spicy and fatty things and some ice cream and cheese which are not smart things for me to eat. I do have to do better than that and will be paying more attention. 

Judy entertained herself yesterday and because she knows her way around now, made her way all over the downtown area through all the side streets and more. She said that she had a wonderful time and I do believe that it is fun to go off by yourself in a strange town and go exploring. It is what I would would like to do. There certainly is enough to see here and be entertained by.

The other day we walked by a shoe store and admired the very reasonably priced boots that were displayed in the window. I knew that store was there but always forget about it but it is probably the best place for me to buy foot wear. Some time in the near future I will go back there and do a little bit of looking around if not buying a pair of boots because a woman can't have too many of those. As it is, I am wearing out my new pair of cowboy boots because I love them so much and they are so comfortable. 

I am also regularly going to visit the Bijoux Shop and invest in rings and bracelets because it is a cheap and fun way to decorate yourself. The more you look around there, the more you discover. I think it is one of the benfits of being a female. You do get to wear pretty things. 

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Connie Rose said...

How lucky for you that you can make discretionary purchases like those. I simply cannot. All my income goes to meeting my basic needs.