Monday, November 19, 2012

Fastening my seatbelt.

Unfortunately, Tyke insisted on waking me up prematurely for reasons that are unclear to me but he was very insistent that I get up. I think maybe he felt a bit lonely and wanted some company because now he is sound asleep on the sofa. He does revert to puppy behavior every once in a while and thinks I am his mother who has to guard over him during the night. He can not just lie on the bed with me and have that be good enough. 

I have had some cups of coffee so I am alert enough but now I am very thristy and am about to drink some Crystal Clear mineral water which will be very cold and thirst quenching and is the best thing I have bought in a long time because it absolutely does not affect my delicate stomach. It makes me think that, except for the pleasure aforded by the caffeine, people should only drink ice cold water, although nicely flavored tea with sugar also tastes very good. 

This morning I packed up another big box with different containers of tea and spices and herbs that I wull not be using for a while. I kept out the ones I use all the time. These are just a few basic ones that are my staples and that I use every day. I had to stop packing the box on time because it was in danger of becoming too heavy to lift comfortably. 

The shelf system in the kitchen has become amazingly bare and so have the cabinets and they can stand a good washing out. I will have one of the domestic helps do that so she can fill her time here when there is not enough to do. I do regularly have to think of things to keep them occupied so they will make good use of their allotted time. 

It rained yesterday but when it was not coming down too hard I still walked Tyke although he did get wet and needed to be dried off with a towel when we got home. Fortunately, he enjoys this very much and stands very patiently while I do this. He is fur is frizzy as a result and he really does look like a cockapoo which I secretly still think he is. I wear the hood of my coat over my head so my hair merely gets flattened and not frizzy but it would not ayway being so very straight. 

I made brussels sprouts and potatoes mash for dinner and it tasted great and went down easy. It is something I had not made for a long time and it was a joy to eat. I can make this with all sorts of vegetables and I think I will. You are really supposed to make this with bacon cubes and sausage but since I do not eat them, I just fixed it with margarine and spices to jazz it up. I fixed the inevitable filet of fish with it for my protein intake and ate the mash in two sittings. I have to take about an hour's pause between the two helpings because of my gastric band. 

There was speed skating on televsion but I find that this year I am mostly very bored with it and it catches my attention only for small periods of time. I think it is something I used to watch when I had nothing better to do. It was on all afternoon and I turned the televsion on a few times to watch it for a little while and then shut if off again. Mostly I listened to the radio to get the stories behind the news and to become better informed. I find that I can have better conversations if I am. 

The two pair of jeans that I thought were a little bit too tight on me, now fit me perfectly after I tried them on on a whim. Ther are a little bit warmer to wear than the jeggings although they are not as flattering. When I wear the jeggings, my legs look very tall and skinny and less so when I wear the jeans. I suppose I am vain. 

I will now think about going back to bed being sufficiently tired again. There are forty winks ro catch and dreams to dream.

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Wisewebwoman said...

I also love brussels sprouts. Have you tried kale? You might like, it is very good for the iron content, etc.
You are making great progress with the packing.