Saturday, November 17, 2012

Conflicted interests.

I am sitting here somewhat drowsy because of the sleeping pill I took but I am unable to sleep so I got up again and am having a cup of strong coffee in order to be come alert again. I think it is starting to work a little because I am typing this with hardly making a mistake which is hard to do when your spell check doesn't work in English and it underlines every word in red. It thinks I am trying to write in Dutch and tries to give me alternative Dutch words which if I used them, would make this an unreadable text,

I should actually do that one day and see if any of you could make sense of it and that winner would win a photgraphic calender of Maastricht. If that is too difficult a task, I should think of another competition to challenge you with so you can win that calender. I will put my thinking cap on and try to come up with something. I will announce it on a later day some time next week. Get ready for it.

This morning I filled a big box with good dishes that I never use from the upper shelves of the kitchen cabinets. They are actually nice dishes and as I washed and dried them before I packed them away, I thought I should really have a cabinet with glass doors to display them in and maybe then I would use them more often and be interested in adding to them. I've got a theme so it would be nice to carry this on.

There were lots of other things on the top shelves that could be thrown away and I did and so reduced what had to be packed. It will be nice to start with a clean slate in the new apartment. What I did realize is that I seriously have to go on the hunt for little teaspoons and a sliver encased glass container to put them in. I am going to have to go to the recycle store to see if I can track these items down. Who knows what people get rid of? I may get lucky.

I found all sorts of tea in their original packages in nostalgic metal containers that I had forgotten the existence of and the tea smelled very good when I took the lids off. I am sure they are perfectly okay to use so I must try them soon. Some of them are loose tea and some of them are in tea bags. I saw some interesting flavors but I don't even remember how I came by them. Their acquisition is shrouded  in a distant past. I'm going to try some tonight before I go to bed as soon as I have finished my coffee.

I have a collection of wine glasses that I need to wash and pack and I will do that tomorrow morning. You would think I was a lush but these are legacies of the Exfactor. If anything, I can always have a group of people over for a wine tasting party. but it will have to be cheap wine with screw tops from the supermarket. If I have good hors-d'oeuvres, that should not matter. I am planning this for my upcoming life in Emmen where I know more people than I do here and where I will be entertaining more than I do now.

I have been sitting here for a while daydreaming about my future life in Emmen and all the things I need to do to get ready for it.  I hope the process does not take too long and that I move up the waiting list rapidly. I will move from the inactive list to the active one on January the first because from that point on I will be ready to move.

In the meantime, while daydreaming, I got done with my coffee and I am now making a pot of vanilla tea and I hope it is good for something like putting me to sleep. It smelled good enough and like it would calm me down but I am already pretty serene. I was tempted to try the rum tea but thought it might have disastrous consequences in combination with my sleeping pill. Maybe I am being over cautious.

I have turned into such a tea drinker but I have to have sugar in my tea. I do not find it as potable without. When I regularly am going to have company, I am going to buy sugarcubes because they will be easier to add than the sugar from the shaker which is highly unpredictable depending on how much sugar there is left in it. I will have to get sugar tongs and I may be able to find some silver or silver plated ones. 

I will also have to get an old fashioned sugarpot. One with two handles and a lid on it and I will have to try and get one to match my dishes. That will be a mission for me to go on. You see, I always have these missions to go on in my life. There is always something I have to track down but I do make a sport of it. 

The vanilla tea is very nice. I just poured a glass of it and despite all the sugar I put in it, the vanilla flavor is clearly discernible.  I feel like it is going to be a very soothing glass of tea or two or three.

I will slowly wind down now and start calling it a night.


Wisewebwoman said...

Sweet dreams


Gail said...

Oh, a move, a move! I'm so excited for you. will you be able to continue your services you have now?

I love tins. Many are so artistic. When I empty them, they find another purpose here, even if it is only to be beautiful.

I look forward to hearing of your new adventures in your new place.

VioletSky said...

I had to read back aways to find when you changed your mind about moving - oh dear, has it really been a week since I read any of your posts?
I remember those sugar shaker things - I thought they were very clever and brought back several with me. Now I don't use sugar at all and have no idea where they went.
I have also been drinking lots of tea lately - maybe it is the weather?