Friday, November 02, 2012

Don't mind if I do.

I am sitting here in the middle of the night as wide awake as I can be because I ran out of sleeping pills and I didn't get a chance to pick up the refill at the pharmacy yesterday. That was a bit of a mistake in my planning. I thought I still had some of the other sleeping pills to take instead but it turned out that they were all gone too. I slept a total of two hours and then was wide awake again and I don't think that I am going back to bed any time soon. I will have to find ways to entertain myself. 

Yesterday the weather was not very nice at all and it rained an awful lot. Not deterred by this, my  friend Judy and I walked into town anyway to have lunch and to generally hang out. Since we are both small eaters, we had the smallest lunch possible at CafĂ© Charlemagne on the Our Dear Lady Square under the heated awning avoiding the rain and wind. There was too much food on our plates and we could not finish it and in the Netherlands there is no such thing as a doggie bag. We really did our best to eat everything but were not up to the occasion. 

In the rain, we walked around the narrow wet streets of downtown and entered shops as we saw fit and as the fancy struck us. One thing we did was go back to the Bijoux Shop and  admire all the jewelry all over again and pick something out that we could absolutely not live without. Because there is such a variety that is cheaply priced, this is a irresistable thing to do and very satisfying. I came away with a red coral bracelet and a Mexican ring with a fake red stone in it. If you run fast, you don't notice it. 

In the Dominican Church that is now a very impressive book store, I found a fun diary for the year 2013 and already wrote the first appointment in it so it was high time that I had one. I also bought my friend Judy a calender with pretty photos of Maastricht so she will have something to remember it by. 

Needless to say, Judy did not get her ride in the sidecar because of the rain and it has been postponed until next week. Hopefully the weather will be better then. The only nicer day in the forecast is Sunday and that's when we are going to Amsterdam. 

Oh yes, I went to the hairdresser early in the morning and got my hair cut better. It had been left too long in the back and on the sides and that has been remedied now and I look great! I look a bit younger than I did beforehand and I can only promote that look. It is in the first place an easy as pie haircut and that's what I like most about it. I haven't used the hairspray yet. 

My most exciting buy yesterday was a new brush to clean the toilet with. Go figure!


VioletSky said...

it is rainy here, too. and without anyone to drag me outside, I am sitting here drinking tea all day.

Wisewebwoman said...

It pelted here overnight and now it has dried up far too late and the sun taking one last look at us before the early sunset.
I love the kind of day you had, picking up silly stuff and enjoying each other's company.

Rob-bear said...

We've had six inches of snow (or 15 cms.) overnight. I think we are well and truy into winter now. Which, of course, means hibernation for us Bears. In fact, I'm getting sleepy. Very sleepy.

Sorry to hear you have slept poorly. I hope you can get lots of sleep tonight, so sleeplessness doesn't become a major nuisance during your holiday with Judy.

Blessings and Bear hugs.