Sunday, June 29, 2014


I had a miserable afternoon of pain and nausea, but it is behind me now and after taking my pain medication, I can only say that I feel pretty darn good. It takes about an hour for it to work, but then it really does and I can be guaranteed to feel so much better. It is a difference between day and night and I would hate to do without it. God forbid that I should ever have to. 

I had a very nice morning because my sister took me for a drive in the nicest part of the province and when we got to the prettiest village, we parked the car and had coffee and pie on the terrace of a restaurant in the sunshine that just happened to be out. That was just before it started raining, so we were very lucky. The pie tasted homemade and was not too sweet and the serving was huge. 

For some reason, I got sick in the afternoon and I still have not worked out why that was. I was unable to use the iPad because every time I tried, I got sicker and a huge headache. I shut it off and have not used it since. I always sit in my big red armchair when I use it and maybe that is a problem. Maybe I hold my head at such an angle that a nerve is being pinched. I do not have that problem sitting here with the iMac at the computer table. 

The Exfactor treated me in the evening to Indonesian take out. By that time I was feeling better and in the mood for it. I had nasi goreng and pork satay and it tasted pretty darn good, although I could only eat half of it. I had no stomach problems afterwards, although I had been a bit afraid of that. Like I said, I feel good now and like I never felt any different. I am new to this disease called cancer and do not know all the ins and outs of it yet. 

I try to stay up later at night so that I do not go to sleep too early. I do not want to get up at all in the middle of the night but sleep through it. I get the best night rest that way than when it is broken up into halves. Who would have thought that I would ever sound so sensible? 

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Maggie May said...

Harry is taking slow release morphine for his pain twice a day and it often makes him feel sick. I think it's definitely a side affect of the drug and is listed as such on the enclosed pamphlet.

Some of the foods you are eating sound very rich. Not sure if Harry could cope with such rich food.
You will find out what you can and can't eat by trial and error.
Maggie x

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