Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Falling apart physically

It maybe is a good thing that I am taking a combination of tramadol and paracetamol every eight hours for my aches and pains, because no doubt if I did have a fever, it is suppressing that too and I am not aware of it. I would be in much worse shape than I am now what with the pain in my eyes and back and now this terrible cold or whatever it is that has taken a hold of me. I will blame it on some bug that is making the rounds because my grand niece up north is felled by the same thing. I am having a streak of bad luck when it comes to my physical well being at the moment. 

Sometimes I am so hoarse that I squeak or no sound at all comes out, and one thing I can not do is raise my voice to make myself heard, so I have to walk up to the person I am talking to very closely in order to have a conversation with them. And I don't at all sound sexy like a foreign movie star, so forget about that. I am mostly very frustrated because of the lack of sound I produce and the godawful coughing spells I get. 

I saw my therapist yesterday and she made me promise that I would go see the doctor, so now I have an appointment with him in the afternoon, but maybe there is absolutely nothing he can do for me. My therapist thought I sounded like someone with a pneumonia, but I hope it has not gotten to that point. I had a hard enough time with that last year, and I would have to take antibiotics and we all know how grouchy those make me. 

The Cowboy's company is still very much appreciated, especially now that he can help me out a bit. He walks Tyke for me when I am not up to it and gets whatever we need at the grocery store because that is one of his favorite chores. He loves going shopping. But I would appreciate his company anyway because he is such an upbeat and positive person to have around, which is very refreshing. He does have that streak of American optimism and is unbeatable and I appreciate it. I have a tendency to have it myself, so I like to see it in other people. It changes your whole attitude toward life. It is such a nice feeling to be around a person with a "can do attitude."

We got a converter yesterday at the Apple store for my iPad so that I can recharge it and it works like a charm. Apple does have all these neat compact products that are especially developed for their client's convenience and they work well and are reasonably priced. There is not much ado with all sorts of plugs and cables that complicate and confuse. To say that I am happy with the iPad would be an understatement. It works well and fast and does the job. 

We were supposed to shop for a pair of lightweight hiking boots for me, but by the time we were ready to do that, I was so wiped out that we decided to postpone it to another day. They are going to be a gift from the Cowboy who thinks I should be walking around in something better than a pair of sneakers. I have something in mind and the store I think we may find them at, so now it is just a matter of going to get them and we will when I feel a bit more up to it. It will be really great to have very good fitting footwear that is made for the sole purpose of walking comfortably. 

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Gail said...

I am delighted you are having a wonderful time with your company.

Heal quickly.