Monday, June 02, 2014

When it rains, it pours

Despite the fact that I am being entertained well enough during the day in the lovely company of the Cowboy, I do have to stick to my old habits and that means being up for a while in the middle of the night and spending some time on the computer. I very much need little bits of my life to stay exactly the way they always are. When you have company, it is extra important to have some precious time of your own, and I do appreciate those silent hours anyway. 

I think one of the fun things we do, is read posts on Facebook and check what sort of comments we get on them and read those to each other just like two old fogies stuck in our respective armchairs spending the twilight of our years together. Except we do a digested form of it in a month's time once a year. It is a really endearing habit that we have developed, especially since we share a child and grandchild. Of course, whatever reactions and comments we get from our daughter are the most important ones, although I think that counts especially for the Cowboy, because you know how it is with fathers and daughters. 

We had lunch yesterday in a not so very warm downtown where the sky was mostly overcast and we sat outside by the crowded cafe. Our waitress enjoyed the opportunity to speak English and was more than attentive. I very much enjoyed my meal and felt I could eat like that once a week, but because I don't, it made it extra special. Walking around downtown later on the quaintly cobble stoned streets turned out to be a bit of a chore for me because (even though I wore my sneakers) it was hell on my back. We cut that exercise short and went home where we were expecting my sister. 

My sister walked in like a summer breeze, all cheerful and excited for no reason at all, and she and the Cowboy went to the grocery store to buy more supplies and a strawberry shortcake (again). The Cowboy likes fresh things to snack on every day and finds what is in the store here very interesting, especially Filet Americain, which needs to be eaten the same day. They also bought throat lozenges for me because I am very hoarse and seem to have developed some sort of a cold. It is also on my chest, but I have a heck of a time coughing because of my sore back.

We are having a good time and it is important to cherish very moment of it because time will fly by. We are making plans of day trips that we want to make and museums we want to visit. And there will no doubt be many photos I will take with my iPad and post. 

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