Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Too short for my chair

This morning I called the doctor's office because my back was bothering me too much to wait until the afternoon. I have found out that in order to get what you want, you have to be assertive and go after it, even if it means making a pest of yourself. I ended up getting an appointment almost immediately and this way I could inform my GP about what I had been up to this past week. He would have gotten a report at some later stage but now he knows a bit sooner. He showed great concern and entered all the information into my dossier and then we got down to the business I had , come for.

I asked him for stronger pain medication for my back and he did take that seriously. He found one that is an opiate, but one that will not interfere too much with the other medications that I take. I took a pill this afternoon and after having had to wait some time, it does seem to be doing the job now without making me feel drowsy. Of course we were both thinking the same thing and that is, that if I do have thyroid cancer, that this pain could be due to metastasis. But that is thinking way ahead of things, although it is the thought that is crossing everyone's mind.

The biopsy is going to be done this Thursday morning, and because of that, I had to reschedule the follow up appointment to Wednesday next week when the outcome will be known. It doesn't really matter anymore to me when what happens, as long as I know that something does. I hate being idle and not knowing what the plan is. I have to have the feeling that there is movement in the situation and that everybody is on the ball.

I often have a hard time eating and drinking because of choking problems. I don't think I will be going to any restaurants now. I do like to eat and I do get hungry, so it is not as if I reject food. And lord knows that I am always thirsty. I just have to do these activities at home only with the greatest of care, and even then.

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Connie Rose said...

Geez, my friend...I'm praying for a good outcome for you. xoxo