Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Come rain or shine

We have had some, should I call them, outstanding thunderstorms, one of which the Cowboy and I were caught in on our bikes and I really thought that we were going to get hit by lightening out on the open road. I later heard on the news that the chance of that happening had actually been great, so I guess we had taken our lives in our own hands. I was smart enough, when I could, to lead us into the smaller streets to make the chance of it happening as little as possible. I wasn't even worried about getting wet from the rain because we were dressed for that. It was the lightening that concerned me. 

We had met my niece and her boyfriend for dinner at a nice enough restaurant that I had picked out myself because it also served vegetarian food. My niece is strictly vegetarian and those dishes looked very appealing on the menu. I had not seen my niece and her boyfriend since Christmas and they both looked their same youthful, beautiful selves. Besides being full-time students,  they also do modeling work and their photos can be seen in the latest fashion magazines. Needless to say, they are a sight for sore eyes besides just being very agreeable people who also speak English very well, which is nice for the Cowboy.

I ate everything on my plate, despite the duck breast being too tough and the vegetables being undercooked, but that was because I was hungry. I think everyone else's food was alright because I heard no complaints. I think now that I should also have picked a vegetarian dish and I will the next time. The Cowboy had the menu that was translated into English in the most hilarious way by the chef himself and he had to ask me for an explanation several times. The chef apparently did not have a good grasp of the English language and had translated too literal. This was very amusing.

I still have a sore throat and still talk funny and can't make myself understood well, which is very frustrating. I also still have a cough and this hurts my back when I get a spell. The best thing I can do is not talk too much, but that is difficult when you are around people. I have been drinking a lot of cola light because it feels good to my throat to drink it, but because my throat is swollen, I also choke on it regularly and spray cola all over the place. I am a regular circus act. 

Morning has broken like the first morning, and I have to get the show on the road.

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