Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A rose by any other name

Last night we ate the pea soup that my friend M. had made and it was very good and really tasted like homemade soup in all its deliciousness. Of course, there were no artificial additives in it, or anything else that did not belong in it, and you could certainly taste the difference between it and a canned soup. It really does pay to make your own soup, but I have done that in the past too and knew that. 

I certainly don't have to worry about keeping the Cowboy entertained because he does a very good job of that himself. He rides his bike to the grocery store every day to do some shopping and always comes back with a surprise or two. When I tell him not to buy anymore strawberry shortcake, he comes home with chocolate covered ice creams. Do you know how hard those are to resist? 

Every day he goes downtown to have a beer at his favorite outdoor cafe and watch the people go by. He takes photos of anything he finds interesting and he posts the best ones on Facebook. He also always goes to the train station to buy an international newspaper or two and spends the whole evening reading them. 

I went to the doctor and he said I had a virus and that all I could do was fight the symptoms and wait patiently for it to leave my system. It will take about a week. I don't feel all that great and all that coughing that I do is hurting my back. The good thing is, that the Cowboy is more than willing to take care of me, so I am in good hands. I can go ahead and be sick and not worry about much. That is very nice for a change and doesn't happen very often. Usually I do have to take care of the details. 

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Connie Rose said...

Enjoy being taken care of while you can! Sorry about your virus, but I'm glad to hear you're being spoiled rotten by The Cowboy. Be well. xoxo