Monday, June 23, 2014

The apple that falls from the tree

It is now officially Monday and only two more days (if I push my luck a little) until I hear the results from the CT-scan with contrast fluid and the echo with biopsy. To say that this is making me anxious, would be an understatement, but to all outward appearances I am very calm. It is just possible that I am more calm than I give myself credit for. I am anxious to know what is wrong with me, because I hate to walk around feeling so sick without knowing what the cause is (although I have my suspicions). 

I wake up every morning convincing myself that I am doing much better, only to be proved wrong after I have been up for about two minutes (if it takes that long at all). I try to suppress each symptom and prove to myself that I do not have any at all and that each one is a figment of my imagination. I repeat that process regularly throughout the day and I hope I get it right some time. You know how they always say that the mind is stronger than the body? Well, I am trying to prove that fact (if it is indeed a fact and not an old wife's tale). 

Today is also the day that the Cowboy returns from his little sojourn to Amsterdam and I have to say that I am glad about that. It will be good to see him because I did miss him. It was quiet without him here, although having my little sister around did make up for some of that. The Cowboy posted a few of the photos that he took in Amsterdam on Facebook, but I can't wait to see the rest. He will have taken them with the eye of a typical American who sees things that we Dutch people don't even notice anymore. And that is what makes for such surprising shots. 

I have an appointment with my therapist this morning, but because I will not be able to ride my bike over there, my little sister is taken me there with her car. Isn't that the cat's pajamas? What luxury. Everybody needs a little sister like that, but they do not come a dime a dozen. They are very rare. I sure as heck am holding on tight to mine. She is still in the process of cleaning the doors and the woodwork and gets a bit done every day in between other things she has to take care of. 

I have got the nicest glass of ice cold lemonade. The best things in life are (almost) free.

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Rob-bear said...

I do hope you soon have "handle" on thing. And it sounds great to have a little sister.

Blessings and Bear hugs.