Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fare thee well

The radiologist who made the echo, wants to compare the results of it with the results of the CT-scan and make a decision about where the best spot is to do a biopsy. This will take place Tuesday or Wednesday, before my follow up appointment on Thursday anyway. So you see, I have to be patient just a bit longer, while I thought I would have all the tests behind me by now. And so it is, I hurry up and wait, but isn't that the way life goes? I shouldn't complain too much, though, because so far, everything is going fairly smoothly and all my appointments happen on time.  The system is kind and efficient, as it should be. We are all very Dutch in this.

The Cowboy gets to see how the health care system works here and so far he is impressed with it and it will give him a good idea of how the Affordable Care Act would work in his country because it is very similar. He was somewhat negative about it when he first got here, but I think he may have changed his mind now. 

I called the GP's office yesterday afternoon for stronger painkillers for my back, but the assistant sounded very doubtful about that possibility. She said that I would be moving into the opiates then and, of course, I know nothing about that as I am not the doctor. I am merely asking for help. The painkiller I have now works insufficiently, that is all I know. The assistant asked me what was wrong with my back and all I could tell her was that this was something I would like to know too. The doctor is supposed to solve that mystery. It is very strange sometimes how the medical world works. They want the patient to come up with the answers. I am supposed to diagnose myself?

What I appreciate more than anything is competence so I don't have to do any guess work myself. I want to feel that I am in safe hands with someone who is much more knowledgeable than I am. If I could be granted that wish, I would be much contented. No matter what the outcome. 


Rob-bear said...

Waiting is not a lot of fun, especially in what could be a life or death situation. Waiting in pain is so much worse! I came down the stairs on my back a couple of weeks ago. Not a particularly wise move; I recommend against it. So much pain and limited mobility. On our vacation, no less.

I do hope things get sorted out promptly.

Going on to opioids is a marked change in the level of analgesic. Please be careful!

Blessings an Bear hugs!

Should Fish More said...

Came here from another blog, random actually.
The issue with opiates is physicians are reluctant to prescribe them without a diagnoisis that is in the state(wherever they are), that supports the prescription.
This is an issue in ER's, where one of the things that the people are trained to look for 'drug seeking', more of an occurance than we would like to think.
I haven't read your blog back enough to know if the back pain is connected with the reason the CT was done. Are they connected?

I'm a retired doc, pulmonolgy, north of the abdomen that seems to be your issue.