Friday, June 06, 2014

Getting the show on the road

Except for the after effects, I have made the decision to declare myself fit enough to be able to start up physiotherapy again and I have my first session in the morning. I am good and well tired of being sick and want to be done with it. I may still talk funny, and have a cough now and then, but that is no reason not to start up my life again. I look forward to the physiotherapy and hopefully the good it will do my back. I will ask for a good massage because that is what I feel I need. Everything needs to get loosened up and relaxed. I hope to feel like a new woman afterwards. 

Yesterday was a day that revolved around food and the goodness of it. Since the Cowboy has been doing the grocery shopping, the shelves in the kitchen are stocked with good things to eat. He buys the kind of things I never do for myself, simply because I can't afford them, and it sure is a joy to be able to eat them now. He buys food abundantly and thinks that there should always be more than enough so that we never run out. Whatever happens, we will have food. 

We had vegetable soup for lunch and spaghetti for dinner with a bolognese sauce with sun dried tomatoes in it. Talk about enjoying the food. It was delicious. I do enjoy eating spaghetti and wrapping it around my fork while also trying to get as much of the sauce on it as possible. It is a fun food to eat. The Cowboy has also bought asparagus and Brussels sprouts and I will fix those with sauteed potatoes and applesauce. Not all at once, of course. 

Every morning we do the International Times crossword puzzle together and do a pretty good job. I am surprised at how well I still do after all these years. I usually know the ones that have all the foreign clues. Yes, there is life after retirement providing you keep good company. 

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