Thursday, June 05, 2014

Like a broken record

Yesterday I called in sick and didn't get out of my bathrobe at all. I decided to take advantage of the presence of the Cowboy and let him take care of everything, which he gladly did. I wanted one day to recuperate as much as I could and take a general inventory of how things really are with me, being under the weather as I am. 

My back is not in the greatest of shapes and I called the doctor's office to find out if I could also take the anti-inflammatory medicine along with the painkiller. The doctor agreed to this somewhat reluctantly, although there is no real medical reason that says it can't be done. He just thinks that I already take a lot of medicines and wants to keep it to a minimum. I hope the combination of the two gives me some relief. I will be moving around more today and possibly that will help also. 

I am still hoarse and coughing, but it is getting a bit better. I do have the strange problem that I can't drink anything cold. I choke on it and spray liquid all over the place and it is not a very pleasant experience. I don't have this happen when I drink hot things, so I have been drinking more green tea with lemon and coffee. I do always seem to have some odd problem. 

I have the windows open and a very pleasant cool breeze is blowing through the apartment. It rained quite a bit last night and things cooled off a lot, but I do appreciate this weather. It is supposed to get much warmer over the next couple of days and will be like summertime. 

I want to walk Tyke in the morning and see how well that goes. Hopefully he will not pull at the leash too much like he does when he is onto the scent of something. I always hope that he would have enough sense to know when I am not in any shape to be dragged around, but his empathy for me does not quite go that far. 

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Friko said...

How very sad that you should be feeling rotten when you are having such lovely company.
I hope it doesn’t spoil your time too much and that you will soon be better again

All the same, getting looked after isn’t bad either.