Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Would you believe that?

Would you believe that with every cup of coffee I drink, I am getting more and more sleepy? I don't know how that is possible either, but there you have it. I will have to stop drinking it if this is the case. I can hardly keep my eyes open now and I am not planning on going to sleep yet. I really hope that if I ingest enough caffeine, the effects will cancel each other out and that I will be perfectly fit in a while. That could be so much wishful thinking, however. I am not so good at chemistry. 

The Cowboy and I watched the Netherlands beat Australia in a World Cup match, but only barely so because they did not play a good game and I thought they were going to lose. The score was 3-2, so you see it was close. The Cowboy had on an orange t-shirt and an orange hat, so was completely dressed for it and loudly cheered on the Dutch team. I was a bit more cynical than that, but then the Dutch always are about themselves. We did not deserve to win it, that's how badly we played. 

I saw the physiotherapist this morning and he manhandled both the sore spots in my back which felt real great while he was doing it. Of course, that good feeling did not last long and by the time I was home, the pain had returned. Luckily by then, the pain medication was working, so not all was bad. I do have to keep seeing the silver lining. 

The flower shop is beside the physiotherapy clinic and when I was done, I bought a big primula in a pot for one of the windowsills in the living room. I wanted something cheerful there right beside my armchair, so I had to get something that flowered. It gets enough sunlight there, so it ought to do well. That, along with the sunflowers that the Cowboy bought, make the living room look like the outdoors. 

I have to stop sitting here now as this position is not that comfortable. Maybe I will go to bed now and get up later in the night again. I do look forward to the quiet hours on my own, as usual. 

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