Sunday, June 08, 2014

All about food

The Cowboy is going to Rotterdam today with my sister to see the sights and to visit my nephew who goes to university there. I will not be tagging along because of my bad back, but it will be nice to have a day all to myself, and I will be looking forward to the stories they have to tell when they get back and to seeing the photos. Downtown Rotterdam was heavily bombed during WWII and this area has been rebuilt in many innovative ways with all sorts of interesting architectural highlights and objects of art. So there really is something to see there. I will have to tag along with my sister some other time when my back is better. 

Yesterday, after another trip to the grocery store, the Cowboy realized how much money he had spent on food shopping over the past week and was a bit surprised, to say the least. Of course he had been buying things indiscriminately of price and by whatever took his fancy, which is not the best way to shop. I am making him smart about store brands and pointing out to him that we don't always have to have an overabundance of food and that some things do go to waste. I think he will be more frugal now, but I do have to help him be so. He is a typical American when it comes to buying food and thinks that buying a lot of it is the same as eating well. I do hate to throw things out and very seldom do so myself.

We will be taking out my niece and her boyfriend for dinner on Monday evening at a restaurant that serves the most interesting dishes, including vegetarian ones. I have looked at the menu online several times and am still undecided about what I am going to order because everything looks so appealing. I suppose I will know at the "moment supreme" what I will really want to eat. My niece has been to this restaurant before and really wanted to go to it, but had not let me know that, and I picked it out because it looked like a place that I thought we would all enjoy. So it is serendipitous that we end up going there.

We had hamburgers yesterday evening on freshly baked buns from the "warm baker" with responsibly raised beef. The tomatoes we added to them had been sitting on the kitchen counter in the afternoon sunlight and were ripened just perfectly. We had slices of Gouda cheese on them and the Cowboy added everything but the kitchen sink to his. To say that one hamburger made a meal would be an understatement. It had been ages since I had one and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For once I did not feel bad about the cows. Hanging around with the cowboy relieves my over exaggerated sense of responsibility. 

It is early in the morning and the sun is about to come up. The birds are already giving quite a concert. I do love this time of day. I think I will open the blinds and sit in my armchair to watch it become a new day. 


Wisewebwoman said...

I just read about your back, oh dear. I`ve never had good experiences with back manipulation so would advise caution. I think our own stretching (carefully!) and gentle movements help more. anything that cracks in the body is bad news.
do get well, sounds like youre`missing out on some good times.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, you are right about us Americans and our shopping habits--they are awful. I should figure out how to shop as I go from day to day. I bet I would waste less food and eat healthier.