Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The PET scan

The PET scan is being done this morning at 10:15. For three hours beforehand, I can't eat or drink anything so that is going to be a bit tough. I will miss having my morning cup of coffee and the tall glass of ice cold lemonade that I always drink. But it is a small price to pay for the sake of finding out where the primary tumor is located and in how many places there are metastases. The scan will take about two hours and I will be more than ready for a cup of coffee after that. 

My GP came to visit me yesterday and we had a good conversation about everything a person with cancer should talk about. I had no problem speaking openly to him about what my prognosis could possibly be because I have metastases and the sort of treatment I could possibly expect. We also talked about euthanasia, which I don't want, and palliative care, which he provides. He and his colleague will be closely involved in my future life with cancer and it is good that he knows all my wishes. He is an amiable man and I think our co-operation will be fine. 

My daughter called and we talked about the fact that the primary tumor could be found some place other than in my lungs because nothing showed up there in the CT scan and it is strange that it didn't. It only showed tumors in the lymph glands and around the windpipe. Well, it is all speculation and the PET scan will tell the real story so I have to wait for the results of it. On Thursday I have an appointment with the lung specialist at the oncology center of the hospital. 

Although the pain medication works for the most part, I do have some pain now, but I don't care because it makes me feel alive. I would rather not be in a near coma from the medication. I prefer to feel some pain as long as it is not overwhelming. That makes sense, doesn't it? 


Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best.

Connie Rose said...

Me too. xoxo