Monday, May 05, 2014

Which pleasure is mine?

The peanuts are just about out of my system. I am dealing with some small after effects today, but I no longer feel like I am under the weather. I have dumped what was left over of the peanuts in the trash so I will not be tempted to even put one of them in my mouth in a weak moment. I know I will be foolish enough to eat something else I am not supposed to one day, because I will convince myself that maybe it will hardly bother me and that my longing for it is so great that I just have to pay that small price. And I will come to regret it, but that is how experience is gained. Again and again.

I did find out that my supermarket has lactose free yogurt, so that is something to look forward to because I wrote it down on the new shopping list. I also read that Greek yogurt, which is so deliciously thick and creamy, has very little lactose and is recommended for people who don't tolerate it. So I put a pint of that on the shopping list as well to try out. Little by little, I am discovering more foods I can eat of the dairy kind and since I am so fond of them...

The Exfactor just came by after work with a package of coffee because I was all out of it. I was just hitting that low point of the day and in dire need of some. Because we no longer have hard water here, the coffee maker doesn't take all afternoon to make a pot of coffee anymore and it is done in no time. By the time you have said two sentences to each other, the coffee is ready. I have two old coffee makers in the kitchen closet that need to be taken to the old appliances depot because they died of the hard water that we used to have. Maybe now is the time to get an electric water cooker for the tea instead of always heating up cups of water in the microwave. It would be guaranteed to have a long life. 

Tyke is telling me it is time to go for a walk and then I have to prepare dinner. I am having pasta for a change tonight because I am all out of potatoes, which are really my favorites fixed any possible way. 

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Crazy about finding out about all those food allergies.
I have an electric kettle and I adore it.
Hard water takes longer to boil? I had no idea!