Friday, May 30, 2014

The blog post that wanted to be

I bought a can of extra thick pea soup for my American ex because he loves that so much and it is always one of the first things he wants to eat when he arrives here, but I also have some that was made from scratch by my friend M. and it is slowly defrosting now in the refrigerator. It will be a toss up which he likes best, but the one in the can has sausage in it and I know that he likes that a lot. The one M. made has pieces of ham, it looks like, and I think that must appeal to him just as well, unless it is a vegetarian soup and they are pieces of tofu. I have not yet been able to investigate it well enough. 

I have one day left to get everything in order and I still have to make up the bed in the guest room. My personal helper is going to be here in the morning and I think I will ask her to do that for me, because I do not want to hurt my back. I think she is not going to object to helping me out like that. There is a 5 kg bag of potatoes sitting on the kitchen counter that needs to be moved to the shelf system and I do not think I am going to attempt that. I am getting wiser about what not to do and besides, I would find out immediately that it was to my detriment if I tried to. 

I think I am capable of watering the plants, although it involves carrying them to the kitchen sink and back. The man at the flower shop told me the last time I was there, to give them lukewarm water so as to not shock them. I suppose that would be what a tropical rain feels like. When I was in Cabo San Lucas in Baja California, the water that came from the cold water tap was lukewarm and it was just the right temperature to shower with. That would exactly be the kind of water my plants would enjoy getting. No doubt they would thrive there, although they don't do too badly here. 

I think I will go to bed and find a comfortable position to sleep in. It should help if I take a mild tranquilizer along with the pain medication. I have to be as kind to myself as I possibly can be. Already my back is not behaving well and causing me trouble while I sit here. 

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I hope you have a wonderful time with your visitor.