Thursday, May 22, 2014

Feeling is believing

While I am waiting for this second cup of coffee to do its trick at waking me up, I will start writing this blog post because attempting to use my brain always helps me in the waking up process. The coffee does not taste as good as it normally does, but I don't know why that is so. It is a real disappointment having looked forward to it so much, but I assume the caffeine will still do its job. 

Despite having lumbago, I tried to act yesterday like there was nothing the matter with my back and in the morning rode my bike to the hardware store where I bought a big ceramic pot  for the plant I was planning on buying next. There happened to be a sale on these pots, so it was my lucky day. It was a bit heavy to manhandle, but I had brought my biggest shopping bag and carried it home that way hanging from my handlebars. 

Next, I went to the flower shop that is close to my apartment and picked out a good sized plant. It happened to be a philodendron that had been trained up a stake in the middle of its pot. Now, I know I can't go wrong with a philodendron because they practically take care of themselves, so I knew this was a good choice. I manhandled it home also and gave it some water before it put it in the newly acquired ceramic pot and set it in the empty place that needed a plant. 

I was much satisfied, and proceeded to do other little chores that were waiting for me, but nothing too rough, feeling my back complaining loudly by now. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it, though, and I am planning on pulling out the weeds that are growing under the windows outside the apartment in the morning. Of course, I am counting on them coning out easily like they did last year, but the doctor did say to keep moving as normal as possible. 

But as I write this, there is a storm moving in and the wind is picking up speed and making quite a bit of noise. It is possible that it will be raining in the morning for a bit, although a good day was predicted. I don't mind, because whatever bit of rain we get will be welcome. 

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