Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Get yourself a new back

I saw the GP and he said that I had something like lumbago, except that in this case it was a third of the way up my back and not in the lower part like it usually is in most cases of lumbago. I suppose I will take that for an answer for now and besides, he said I should come back if it isn't better within one week. He prescribed paracetamol and anti-inflammatory medicines, and I do have to admit that the latter seem to help a bit. It takes the sharp edges off the pain anyway. I am not doing the rumba yet, but I am moving around a bit easier. The nice benefit is, that it also takes care of the pain in my eyes and my headaches, so we are killing two flies with one stone. All in all, I am in much better shape. 

Everyone who comes here, admires the way the living room looks and I make sure I tell them that it came with a high price and that I will never pay one like it again. I do want to milk all of the drama out of this story. The last decorating touch I applied today, was change the runner on the dining table to a more cheerful and colorful one, but that was light work. I suppose I could go on endlessly with this redecorating, but there has to come a moment when I am done. My scheming mind always sees something that could be changed around just a bit better and maybe I have a lifetime project on my hands. 

I have done something really funny. For this past week or so, I have mistaken the small pot of vitamin D3 tablets for the new pot of extra antidepressants. This is because I take my medicines early in the morning when it is still half dark in the bedroom and I am not quite awake yet because I have not had my coffee yet. So all this time I have been taken vitamin D3 tablets and I have been feeling really good. I decided to not start taking the extra antidepressants at all anymore and I am in the process of making an appointment with my psychiatrist to discuss this with him. He had already said that the reason I was feeling better was because of the changes I had made in my life and not because of the extra medicines. It goes to show you the power of mind over matter. 

It's a silly old world and I am a silly old woman. 

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