Saturday, May 03, 2014

First things first

What I had to do first just now, was make some coffee because the afternoon can not be brought to a proper end without some freshly brewed caffeine in a cup. A day needs its rituals to break it up into manageable bites and making coffee at the proper time is one of them. This is also when I physically hit my low point and could easily take a little nap, so to prevent myself from doing such a foolish thing, I have some coffee instead. It's a way to fool Mother Nature. 

I gave Tyke a banana to eat because he was having the same late afternoon dip that I was having and it is not time for his dinner yet because we still have to go for a walk. I think he is perfectly contend now and good for another half hour until we go. Yes, we really do have our rituals, the two of us. We are like a married couple who have worked out how to live well together and we take turns being in charge. All in a good natured way, of course. And in that case, who needs a husband? 

For some reason that is still a mystery to me, I am starting to sleep better at night, as in, I am almost a solid block of sleep until I wake up in the morning. When I go to bed at night with my glass of hot milk to drink while I watch the news on my tablet, I fall asleep before I am done with the milk and the tablet left on. I do stumble around once at night to let out Tyke and go to the toilet, but I fell asleep last night while Tyke was still outside. He had to stick his head through the cat flap and softly bark for a while before I woke up. I think that's called neglect. 

I am so sleepy now and I have things to do and dinner to fix. I can't be in this kind of state yet. A walk and a plate of good food will revive me. I am now wishing for a big jar of applesauce to have with my dinner, but there is none left. I will raid the refrigerator and see what sort of interesting things I can come up with. 

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Wisewebwoman said...

Regular hours at the best. Naps, except for the odd one, tend to disrupt my nights too.

I need to remind myself about this all the time though :)

So wonderful you are sleeping all through the night, isn't it great?