Thursday, May 08, 2014

Getting back on my feet

It took some extra sleep to recuperate from the domestic help debacle, but that only took one day and now I am back to my "normal" self. At least I am the person I recognize and am most comfortable with. It is an amazing thing how an upset in my comfort zone can be so emotionally exhausting. I do have to learn how to deal with this better in the future, but I do live and learn, even at my age. I seem to be doing rapidly so at the moment. I always have these growing spurts when I learn a lot in a relatively short amount of time. I do wish I had someone who would logically explain these things to me instead of having to find them out the hard way.  But then maybe I would not learn the lesson. 

Tyke has been trimmed and when he got home, he acted just like a child that had been on an outing, meaning that he was not his normal self. My way to deal with that is to make him feel as secure as possible and give him lots of lovin', but there is a point when he has to pull himself together and get with the program. That's when I have to get strict and set his boundaries again. He does have to know where his limits are. I think that is true for dogs as well as people, but it is simpler to establish them with dogs because they don't play games or get angry with you. That says a lot about me, doesn't it?

While Tyke was being trimmed, my sister and I went to her house (where I had not been for a while) and I got to see what she and my brother in law had done to the garden. They had planted a prairie garden with 200 plants and grasses of about 15 varieties. It looked like it was going to be wonderful and I can't wait until this summer when all of them have grown to their full size and are blooming. They have an 8x10 sheet of paper for each variety of plant and grass sort that they have planted with a photo on it and all the details of it's growing habits and potential uses. To say I am jealous, is to put it mildly. I am going to love that garden and will want to see it often. 

I have an appointment with the GP in the afternoon. I have to get a letter of referral from him before I can go to the eye clinic because it has been more than a year since I have been there. This is for insurance purposes. No doubt he will have a look into my eye and maybe he can see something there. It hurt an awful lot when I got up from my bed, but the paracetamol I took has helped a bit. What a relief that is. 

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