Friday, May 02, 2014

Hardly any effort

Life is a very odd experience, isn't it? So much of how you get through the day, and deal with the things you have to do, depends on the mood you find yourself in. And then of course, the things you have to take care of influence your mood. It's best to be very even tempered, but even te best of us don't manage that all the time. A mood is like the sea and can be calm or choppy.

I take tranquilizers during the day because at the moment I am extremely sensitive to stress and I quickly experience the least little thing as being stressful. Well, let me clarify that. Anything that involves too much interaction with the world at large, I experience as stressful. That is why I am so much a hermit nowadays. I like seeing familiar faces on a regular basis, but I must not get an overdose of them.

Other than that, I am a well contented woman, although I do not have a perfect life. I muddle along just like everybody else. I think we all find our methods to cope and that is why we get more eccentric as we get older because we are more specialized in them. And there is less desire to conform, at least if you are sure of yourself.

I think there is a certain amount of madness in all of us, but it doesn't matter as long as you deal with it well and like yourself well enough.

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