Thursday, May 29, 2014

That didn't quite work out

The manual therapist looked surprised when I told him that I had felt like I had been run over by a bus after our first session. I think that was not the answer he was expecting when he asked how I had fared. I thought that was the standard answer for people who had had their first physiotherapy treatment, but apparently that is not the case. That must be an old wife's tale then. 

He examined the state I was in, and it turned out to be worse than it was at the start of the first session, so that did cause him some concern. He proceeded with caution, but had to stop the session shortly into it because of the amount of pain I developed and the tingling in my lower legs and feet. He wants me to go back to my GP before he does anything else, and have this back problem further investigated. He does not trust the diagnosis. 

Today is a holiday (Ascension Day), so the doctor's office is closed. Tomorrow he is not there himself, but the female GP will be. I suppose that she can have a look at my back just as well. One will probably be as competent as the other. Or not. Imagine the kind of shape I would be in if I did not have the pain medication. It does not bear thinking of. 

I had hoped to write about more cheerful things here, but I knew I was not in good shape last night and I slept as much as I could. Not that it is particularly comfortable, but when you are asleep, you are occupied and don't notice what is going on, especially not if you have finally found the best position to lie in. It was fun and games at the beginning when Gandhi and Tyke jumped on the bed and wanted to play and I was in their way. Imagine one big lump and two animals strutting over it. 

The Exfactor has done the groceries and walked Tyke and I am settling in for the rest of the day. I have my bathrobe on over my clothes because I am a bit chilly, although it isn't really cold outside. It must be my worries that are making me so. I have to admit that I am concerned and am wondering what is wrong and that several scenarios play through my head. I will be patient and wait for tomorrow. 


Gail said...

Sending healing thoughts.

VioletSky said...

It is usually scary when a patient says they felt like they were run over by a bus - unless it was their first treatment, In which case I always warn them that they might feel that way and that it was all normal and would settle.