Tuesday, May 06, 2014

My vacation

My vacation was officially over today when the domestic help showed up this morning at 9 o'clock to try to fill up her four hours here with enough jobs. That is impossible, which means that we regularly have to drink coffee and kibitz. At least, that's what she expects me to do and, although I like her a lot, I think four hours of company is two too many and I would rather not sit and have coffee at all. I fled to the bedroom and spent most of my time there until she had to clean in there too. 

This all came about because I enjoyed all that free time so much when I had absolutely no appointments with anybody at all and felt happy and relaxed. Yesterday, I already felt the tension mounting in my shoulders and neck and thought with dread of the days that were ahead of me. This afternoon, my personal helper was here and officially she is supposed to stay for two hours, but I immediately told her that I wanted as little disruption as possible and that we should just assess the situation and then she would be free to go. 

She is going to arrange for the domestic help to only be here for two hours a week for as much time as I need to feel comfortable with another arrangement eventually. I will see if this small apartment can't really be cleaned in that amount of time. I told her that it is still my intention to keep my life as simple and as basic as possible and to live as much as I can like a hermit, because that is when I am happiest. I only need to see people for short amounts of time and I am fine in my own company with the animals. I do have enough social contacts not to become completely isolated. 

And then I really did have to cal the eye clinic for an appointment because my eye is hurting more and more and I constantly have to take paracetamol and that hardly works. So, although I hate to have an appointment, I just had to make this one. This is not a problem I think I can ignore. 

Tomorrow, Tyke is getting his fur trimmed and it is high time too. My sister is driving us over to the trim salon and will also help me pick him up, which saves us from making a long walk. Sometimes it is not very convenient to only have a bike and you have to be on good terms with someone with a car. 

It's time to go...

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