Friday, May 30, 2014

Glad to know that

X-rays were made of my back today and I do not have any fractures, so I am moving around a bit better already now that I am not in fear of damaging something in an irreversible way. I think knowing that I will not, has taken the strain of my back. That, and taking the pain medication, should heal me quickly and I ought to be back to normal soon, at least, that is what I assume. I hope to dismiss this subject soon, because it is getting kind of old. I have been concerned about it long enough. 

I just got a text message from my American ex who is now making a stop over at the airport in Houston on his way to Amsterdam. He will arrive there in the morning and take the train to Maastricht. He should be here at noontime. I should really give him a name and I think I will call him The Cowboy. Not that he is in so many ways, but he is an American and I will keep to stereotype. 

Because I had to have the X-rays taken, I missed my hairdresser appointment and that does grieve me. I was looking forward to being pampered which will now have to be postponed. I will try to reschedule it as quickly as I can so that I can be good looking as soon as possible. I did want to make a good impression on the Cowboy and I hope that for the coming week he does not pay attention to me too closely. I will have to use diversionary tactics so he does not notice the state of my hairdo. 

Almost all the chores are done. I have even managed to make the bed in the guest room. I will finish whatever needs doing in the morning and I think that will keep me occupied well enough. I do have to have something to do while I wait for the Cowboy to get here. 

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