Sunday, May 25, 2014

Let's think that over first

It turned out not to be such a good idea to quit the anti-inflammatory medication and the paracetamol. I had to take an extra sleeping pill in order to be able to get to sleep because of the pain, and the next day I didn't feel all that great either. What surprised me was not the pain in my back, because I had expected that, but how much my right eye hurt. It was mostly for that reason, that in the end I took the anti-inflammatory medication and the paracetamol anyway, and soon started feeling better. I think I will take them for another week, when I run out, and go back to the doctor about the state of my back at that point. I am not to call the eye specialist for another appointment until about the 13th of June. 

I do not enjoy having physical pain and it makes me a miserable person. I do not deal with it well at all if it is not to some extend under control. I do not emotionally fare well if I physically have to suffer. Maybe that is true for everybody, but I can only speak from my own experience. I would always do whatever could be done to control whatever pain I had if it was to a level I could not live with. Pain destroys the mind. 

The good thing was that I had my sunglasses to wear for most of the day, even inside when the sun was shining brightly through the living room windows. That did make a difference and I am so pleased with them. I don't even bother to take them off when I come in from taking Tyke for a walk and can even wear them when I use the computer to guard my eyes from the brightness of the screen. I think these sunglasses are the best invention since the wheel. I don't want to have to close the blinds, because I don't want all my plants to die because of the lack of light. They are all doing very well right now and I aim to keep it that way. 

I went to the A. Vogel website, which is from the company that grows its own herbs and flowers to make natural medicine from, and ordered Atrosan tablets that work like the anti-inflammatory medication that I use now. Some time in the very near future, I want to try them and see if they will do the job at keeping my pain level down. I do believe in herbal medicine and think it can very often do a good job if you don't want to keep taking the regular pharmaceutical ones. 

Having said that, there is nothing wrong with a good old paracetamol. 


Connie Rose said...

Not long ago I googled paracetamol, thinking perhaps it was a pain med different from any we have in the States. Turns out it is the same thing as our acetaminophen, marketed under the name Tylenol among other names. Glad it works for you, it doesn't work for me. My drug of choice is ibuprofen, a different NSAID (non steroidal anti inflammatory drug). Hope you're feeling better today. xoxo

Wisewebwoman said...

I can't remember the last time I took a pill, I am so very lucky.

I do hope all your symptoms subside soon, how very unfortunate.