Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The running of the bulls

I could tell you a whole story that proves the incompetence of my male GP, but I won't because it will only frustrate me. I made an exception when I went to see him for the problem with my eye, but from now on I will be faithfully seeing my female GP again. My male GP had already caused me to have serious doubts about him in the past and I had avoided him like the plague, and it is my own fault that I had chosen to see him this time because I was in a hurry and my female GP was not available. I should have been a bit more patient. No pun intended. The man is obviously an idiot. 

I will be going to the eye clinic this Thursday to see what the problem is with my eye because I have no sinus infection whatsoever, but that should have been obvious from the start because I had none of the other symptoms. My left eye is now starting to develop sympathy pains and I hope it doesn't turn into the same bad case that my right eye is. 

Oh lord, I do dislike having to deal with these sort of things and having to worry about the competence of a doctor. I dislike it very much if there is something wrong with me and would rather ignore the whole thing and pretend it is not taking place at all. That is how I have decided to deal with the fibromyalgia because it is a disorder that is clothed in so much controversy. I really don't want anything to do with it. If I knew there was no danger to my eyes, I would ignore whatever is going on with them too and live with the pain. 

I think being at the mercy of other people is the worst thing that can happen to you and in many ways, when you are dependent on a diagnosis of a doctor or a specialist, you are in that dependent position. It gets even worse when the different doctors involved all have a different opinion or understanding of whatever is the matter with you because of what knowledge they happen to have about that particular subject. It is amazing how much ignorance there is. And you as a patient try to survive in all of that with what you know about the diagnosis yourself and have to defend yourself against this onslaught. 

The best places to get the right information about whatever ails you are the websites of the foundations that are specialized in that particular group of disorders. They have all the latest updates and can tell you exactly what you need to know about your disorder and how to deal with it. That way you can take a no nonsense approach yourself. 

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Wisewebwoman said...

Doctors are as fallible as the rest of us and did you know the percentage of addicts amongst is one of the highest?

I've met a few in my time :(