Friday, May 23, 2014

An experiment

It may be foolish, but I am not going to take any anti-inflammatory medicine before I go to bed tonight, nor will I take any paracetamol. I want to see how bad the pain is in my back and eyes after having used those two medicines for the past week. This experiment may fail completely and I may change my mind quickly, but I will find that out soon enough. The intention is there anyway. 

Normally I would have already been asleep by now, but I did something interesting for dinner this evening. I ate a lot of vanilla custard just to see if I could and because I had an enormous craving for it. My reaction to it was to become very sleepy, so I had to go to bed immediately and sleep for a few hours. Other than that, I seem to be fine. No part of me is protesting. 

Of course, the custard is so adulterated that you can hardly call it a dairy product, but it is still a nice surprise to be able to eat it. I am going to repeat this experience. I just have to calculate in the fact that I need to sleep afterwards. 

The optician called this afternoon to tell me that my sunglasses were ready to be picked up, which is a week earlier than they said they'd de done. I rode my bike over there with my regular sunglasses on my nose because the sun was shining brightly. It was so busy at the optician's that I had to wait a while for my final fitting, but it was worth it. These sunglasses are great, and never having had a good pair (let alone the prescription kind), I feel that something awfully good has happened for my eyes when I wear them.  The polarized lenses keep out all the UV light without making it so dark that I can't see the details. 

Things are starting to hurt a bit so I have to go to bed and make myself comfortable. A sleeping pill will be in order.  


Connie Rose said...

So glad you got your good sunglasses! I've found that my eyes have gotten more sensitive as I've aged, especially in the last couple years. Since I have a western exposure at Rose Cottage, I now keep the windows covered during the day even though they might be wide open. I can't stand so much light in the house any longer.
Re: your pain level, it will be interesting to see how you fare with no medication. Can you get herbal homeopathic remedies in NL? I've been using arnica montana recently for pain, and it's been working for me.
Do you want me to send you my custard recipe again? Way better to make it yourself, that way you don't have all those mysterious ingredients. Just let me know.
Have a great weekend! xoxo

Wisewebwoman said...

I am super sensitive to light so always wear my prescription sunglasses!

I am glad you have joined the club.

I hope your experiment with less pain meds works for you.

I am so anti-pharma so you shouldn't listen to me at all :)


Rob-bear said...

Glad you have the courage to experiment with your medications. I recently got off one of mine (it was making my blood pressure too low). One less medication is fine by me!

Great to hear that you've got your new sun glasses, and that they are working well for you. I do hope they will make things much better for you.

BTW, I'm intrigued by the title "The Green Stone Woman." How did you come up with that?

Blessings and Bear hugs!