Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yes, I do not go hungry...

Even though I eat my three square meals a day, and then have something extra to eat too if I get that silly idea in my head  in the late evening, I haven't gained an ounce no matter how often I check the bathroom scale to see if it is really accurate. It seems like eating food regularly is good for my body weight. 

I must admit that most of the food I eat is good for me and very healthy but I'm also capable, just like anyone else, of stuffing myself. . I like to do that with slices of toast made with whole grain bread and margarine made from olive oil and I do slather that on thick. I feel totally sinful when I eat that and completely filled up when I'm done. 

I have to literally contain myself from eating more because I can't keep going to the "warm baker" for more bread but I do have several loaves in the freezer compartment. I swear I'm a bread and potatoes woman. I must really like carbohydrates and thrive on them. . At least I don't top my potatoes with evil concoctions like gravy, or make mashed or scalloped potatoes out of them. That would be truly decadent. 

I like them lightly sprinkled with herbs and fried in a little oilive oil in a very good non stick pan. The quality of the pan makes all the difference in how well and how quickly the potatoes brown, so if you have one of which the surface is a little damaged, I suggest you go out and get a new one. You will be glad you did because a bad surface will make the potatoes take twice as long to get brown.

I have one pan that is really too small for the burners of the stove and the other day, while I was holding one of the handles of it while I was cooking, I saw smoke rising and it turned out that the potholder was on fire. That was an interesting development. Now I have to get a new set of matching potholders, but it was really time to get some new ones anyway and I have written that down on the list on the white board of things to get before my friend Judy gets here. I don't want her to think that I'm a Kamakaze cook prone to set things on fire. 

Because of the high cost of the other fish, I bought pangasius filets and had some of it for dinner last night. Because I thought it might not have the distinguished flavor that the usual fish does, I did end up buying the premixed spices for fish and I generously sprinkled those on the filet before frying it gently in olive oil.  I think it was the spices that made the fish edible and all in all it wasn't too bad. It filled my stomach and I got my proteins in. I think the next time I have to cook it a while longer. It was hard to judge the time it needed and some of it may have been slightly under done. I did have to chew a bit. 


Gail said...

Now you've made me hungry!

Rob-bear said...

Sounds like you are eating well, and staying healthy, overall. This is wonderful news.

Exmoorjane said...

Stop it! My real weakness is toast...lathered with butter. Which is NOT detox food. :D

Yay, this blog is WAY happier. I'm so pleased. xx