Sunday, October 14, 2012

Full of contemplation.

I went shopping this Sunday afternoon in one of the supermarkets that was open and it happened to be one that was not too far from the apartment. It was one of the same in the chain of supermarkets I always shop in, so it wasn't a completely strange experience. As a matter of fact, I kind of enjoyed it because this one was a bit smaller and more intimate yet everything was there that I needed. 

I may seriously consider going there from now on always. After all, a shopping expedition has to be an overall pleasant experience. I wasn't overwhelmed by the number of articles that were available but there was enough choice. It was fun to figure out where everything was because the store was entered at a different side. I'm going to have to walk to the other side of it first when I go next. That's where all the heavy items are. 

I looked for juice but learned my lesson and knew to look for apple juice as one of the ingredients. I found a bottle of pure mandarine orange juice in the cooler section and it turned out to be very good although I only allow myself to drink small glasses of it because it's so expensive. I did find the Spa Lemon Cactus and am still suprised that it's relarively cheap. 

I am spending more money and buying the better brand of coffee which is Douwe Egberts. I like coffee so much, that it is worth it to drink a good cup full and it does make a difference.I also had to look for another brand of dog food because Tyke didn't like his kibbles. He just refuses to eat if he doesn't like something well enough. I bought him some that was expensive and hopefully he will like it a lot. The jury is out.

When I got home, my stomach seriously hurt because it was empty and I decided to fix dinner as soon as I had put away the groceries. After an hour I was sitting at the table, with Tyke on the chair beside me, eating a good meal. That tasted so nice, and made me feel so full, that I had to go to bed afterwards and take a nap. I needed the sleep because I got up too early this morning being eager to get the day started as always. 

I find myself being contemplative these past few days and more quiet and introspective. I think about my sister Marianne a lot and wish I could have one more conversation with her. I am sure I am going through all the different mourning stages and I think I have been in denial and have now left that behind me. I am not worried about myself because I am going through a natural process and this is something everyone goes through who has to deal with the death of a loved one. I do feel an overwhelming amount of love for her. 

Reducing my medication is going well and I am not much bothered. I cut the dose in half  but I was only on the increased one for three weeks. I do need the dose that I still take when it is time. I can tell the difference after I have taken it. It works quickly and does the job. 

It's time to walk Tyke again. Maybe he will want to eat after we get back. Of course, he is spoiled now eating dinner with me at the table like a human being. He does know what "Sit on the chair" means. 

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VioletSky said...

I have also started doing almost all of my shopping at the two smaller grocery stores near me. I like the idea of not being overwhelmed with choices!