Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quality time.

I had to get up early this morning and sneak in some quality time of my own. It is all very nice to have a guest you get along with well but you can't be around each other non stop or you'll get tired of each other's company. It's good to sit here all by myself with a cup of coffee and a barely awake mind and perform my morning rituals whch consists of checking in on Facebook and leaving comments and reading blogs and doing the same thing.

Slowly but surely the caffeine will start to work and I will turn into a semblance of myself who is functioning well and who will be able to eat breakfast and make another pot of coffee. And after a while, dawn will catch up with me and it will get light outside and the day will genuinely get started. I am looking forward to that moment because it means that I will be able to do a much needed load of laundry and do a pile of dishes and some chores are just fun and familiar to do. 

We had a good day yesterday and walked all the way downtown and did some necessary shopping alternated with sitting on heated café terraces where we had good things to eat and drink and partook of the national pastime and watched the people walk by. We had the soup of the day at Café Monopole on the big square and it was delicious and very fortifying and prepared us for the next round of shopping. It was homemade vergatable soup with meatballs and big chunks of vegetables in it in a strong broth. 

At Café Charlemagne on the Our Dear Lady Square we had strong cups of coffee after lighting candles in the Star of the Sea chapel and saying a prayer that will guaranteed come true because all of mine so far have so you have to be careful of what you wish for.

Café Monopole and Café Charlemagne are my two favorite spots to hang out at and a visit downtown is not complete without going there. I will miss them when I move but no doubt I will find new spots in the new place I am moving to and they will become equally important. I just hope they have heating in the awning like these two places have so it makes sitting outside at this time of year possible.

I bought three push up bras for the price of two and those were very reasonably priced so my lingerie drawer is now properly filled. We stopped at the coffee and teas shop and I bought a package of loose Irish Breakfast Tea and I can't wait to try a cup or two. We went to the downtown drugstore and they had my favorite deodorant on sale and I bought three cans of it. I also discovered the shamppo that my hairdresser had recommended for light blond and silver hair and that will lighten my hair when I wash it with it. 

We went to the Bijoux Shop and admired all the jewelry with mineral stones in it and my friend Judy finally ended up buying a very pretty silver ring. I could have bought many rings and bracelets but managed to restrain myself. I don't always have to be greedy and that day had decided to restrict myself to what was necessary and on sale.

I did decide to look for a "cloche" type hat in black but was unable to find one and it is possible that they are not "in" this year and that I missed the boat. It will be a mission anyway and I will have fun looking for one. No doubt we will be downtown again in no time at all. 

My friend Judy is a small eater and between the two of us, I have to prepare small meals. I had prepared myself for a hearty eater and got a lot of food in the house but it will last twice as long as I had planned but Tyke does the honors too. 

Gandhi has decided that she likes to sleep with Judy at night and generally likes her very much and sits on her lap a lot. Some people are cat people and cats know that. Tyke also wants to sit on her lap but is a little bit too big.

Yesterday evening I had a craving for ice creams and walked to the nearest supermarket and bought Magnums which are vanilla ice cream bars coated in chocolate and we had fun eating those. I will have to get some more today. We are on a vacation of some sort anyway and have to do fun things. 

I will now make some tea with the new loose tea in an egg and hope it tastes as good as I am anticipating. It will be fun to make anyway.

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Wisewebwoman said...

I love Irish breakfast tea, I hope you enjoyed it too.

You're moving?

I hope a good and positive one.