Tuesday, October 23, 2012


First of all, let me clarify something. I do not like t-shirts with slogans boldly printed on the front. I do not wish to inflict all sorts of silly opnions of mine onto unsuspecting citizens of the world. I think there are other ways to get my message across and to stand for a point of view and that is by actively getting involved in a cause and supporting it. 

The t-shirts I am talking about are tastefully printed with artistic images interwoven with lines of prose printed in a pretty font that don't blazingly shout out their message to the world. They are more subtle. You would really have to stop and carefully read what they say and your attention would be caught in the first place by the nicely printed arrangement of the image and the text. So I hope we got that straight. 

I am not a walking advertisement for any cause or beer company unless I am taking part in a special event. I think yu will agree with me on the general ugliness of t-shirts with slogans on them and you know how fashion conscious I am. 

People will insist on interpreting what they think they read and many misunderstandings are a result of that. Any time you tell anything personal about yourself, there are a myriad of interpretations that you have to set straight. Because of that, I have no idea of what sort of picture you have of me in your head but it probably has nothing to do with reality.

I had to get a case for my smart phone and the Exfactor was kind enough to go look for a nice one in the phone shops for me yesterday. His mission was a frustrating one, however, because nothing that he found came at all close to anything I had seen on line and that I had described to him. He had taken a photo of one that maybe came close and it did not even.

The on line shop I had been to had a slow delivery time and I needed the case rather quickly, but after seeing the best one that was available in town, I went looking some more on line. I found one website that promised quick delivery and looked for something that I liked there and found it. There were many kinds of cases to choose from but luckily I knew by now the difference between them so I could pick the right one.

I chose a very feminine case and one that my sister Marianne would have chosen because I had told my niece that I would do that in honor of her. From now on I am picking all my accessories with Marianne in mind. It is my little tribute to her. I really wanted one with a leopard print but it was not available. That would have been her first choice.

The guest bedroom is all cleaned up and just about ready for my friend Judy. All I have left to do is make the bed and I am going to wait with that until the last moment.. I have to remove some empty boxes that are stacked on the bookcase in there and did not know what to do with until yesterday and then I got a brilliant idea. In anticipation of my moving, I will start putting the contents of the drawers of the dresser that is in the living room in them and then put the boxes in the drawers because they will just about fit in there. 

I have also got to go to the household goods store this week and get new potholders and some more tall tea glasses that are so nice to drink coffee from. It is like money grows on trees the way I spend it without a worry in the world.  I have got a real "laissez faire" attitude about it. I know that in the end everything will turn out alright because in the back of my mind I keep track of everything. There really isn't a euro spent without me thinking about it. 

I wish I knew where the Recycle Shop had moved to and I would go there.  Maybe it is very close to here. I do have to look it up.


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Rob-bear said...

Sounds like, each day, things come more and more together for you. I am gad to know this. It is such a change from the life you seemed to lived previously.