Friday, October 12, 2012

There are happy endings all over the place.

I may be doing a lot of wishful thinking, and maybe I am walking around the apartment with blinders on, but since Tyke had that hormonal chip-like device implanted under his skin, he has not bothered Gandhi once. He shows a little interest in her when she walks by but that's just the usual kind for a fellow creature and room mate. 

If this is really the way things are, and nothing happens while I am asleep, that implant is working faster than the vet told me it would and peace and tranquility will reign here. I can't begin to tell you how well worth it was to spend the money on that injection because Tyke is for the most part a very manageable dog. 

As a matter of fact, I had noticed that as he became more and more obedient  and easy to handle to me, his behavior to Gandhi became more dominant so he was clearly compensating. 

I do notice that if I give him a relative amount of freedom in which he thinks he has the option to make certain decisions, and to take responsibilty, he actually does the right thing and is a better behaved dog. He listens well and is eager to do the most logical thing and what is expected of him. He wants to please and appreciates me giving him the chance to do so without really making him.

No doubt me being a much more happy and well rounded and assertive person also has a lot to do with it because dogs do read people like open books and pick up on any nuance. I'm sure Tyke feels much more secure and safe now. 

As to the weather today, it is really a shame but after some very beautiful autumn days, it is now raining and it will come pouring down for the next couple of days, putting a severe limit on how long the walks will be that Tyke and I will make this weekend. I had planned to do some serious exploring and to see if he marked less trees and bushes now that he has the implant. It would have been a whole new experience to walk with him in new territory.

The Exfactor is coming over this morning after he has been to the open air market on the square downtown  where he will buy some very reasonably priced salmon steaks for me to put in the freezer for a treat. I must actually go to the market myself and stock up on some fish but since he's going there anyway, I'm taking advantage of the opportunity. Besides, he's more rain proof than I am.


Rob-bear said...

It is good to know that Tyke is more manageable. I suspect that is making life better for everyone, even for Tyke. He has a pattern and yet some freedom. So all this is good.

Sorry to hear of all your rain. We had snow yesterday, but none of it stayed. That may change, though, around the end of the month. We usually get our first significant snow around Hallowe'en.

Gail said...

Glad it's working. why not do it permanently?