Sunday, October 07, 2012

Optimistically Sunday

I didn't make it to market square yesterday to buy fish because I started a new shopping list on the white board in the kitchen and it kept growing longer as I remembered things I had to get and I realized that my precious household budget would have to be spent on those things instead. Besides that, it didn't stop raining until some time int he afternoon and by that time I had grown lazy and was no longer in the mood to ride my bike downtown. 

Yes, I do get lazy about once a week or so. It only lasts for a little while and usually it keeps me from doing something I had planned to do and I end up doing something completely different instead, so in the afternoon I emptied my closet of all the clothes that were too big on me. There turned out to be many of those and I filled four trash bags with them and now the closet is very bare and organized.

Of course, I have that new dresser that I have all of my new, well fitting clothes folded up in and it's very handy. I like it better than using the closet because it easier to see what's there and what I like to wear the most.

Today I'm going to have to go to the one supermarket that's open on Sundays because I'm almost out of coffee and coffee filters. I could drink instant coffee if another attack of weekend laziness hits me but that's not what my intentions are. Let's just say that there's a fifty percent chance that I'll go to the supermatket. That gets me off the hook if I don't go, although I have never been to this particular one and I am curious to see it and shop there.

I'm not drinking as much black coffee now that I've stopped smoking, although it still tastes good and does the job when I've just gotten up. I'm not as much in need of it anymore now that I'm not also inhaling nicotine. What I am thirsty for is Spa "Lemon Cactus" and  I can down a tall glass of that very quickly now that the carbonation doesn't upset my stomach so much anymore. One bottle of it doesn't last very long. 

I eat and drink more expensively now than my budget can afford and that is one of the reasons I had to quit smoking. I'd rather shop for the food I really like to eat and that's good for me than buy the things I really don't want or have to forego completely.


Rob-bear said...

While you may eat and drink more expensively now, I'm sure you'll re-balance everything within living and liveable limits.

Hope you keep having fun and getting better.

Maggie May said...

Did you really throw out your larger clothes in the trash? I always bag things up and let the Charity shops have them, Consider yourself severely reprimanded!!!

Glad you are eating sensibly and that you are managing everything fine. Every one needs to be lazy sometimes!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

I forewent (?) the carbonated drinks as they were impacting my budget Irene.

But I do love good coffee, there are times we have to decide what we can forego and not.

As to your clothes, isn't there a service that would pick them up for those less advantaged/


VioletSky said...

Good choice to spend your money on the better foods.