Saturday, October 06, 2012

A treat a day...

I am planning on going to the market square this afternoon where, although it isn't market day, there should be some vendors selling fresh fish of all sorts that will be much better priced than it is at the supermarket where it costs an arm and a leg for just one small piece. I've tried to eat chicken and beef now and I have to say they neither one of them was a huge success and I think I'm supposed to stick with something as easily digestible as fish.

There are special "fish spices" that you can buy already mixed but I have a feeling that if you use these, the flavor is going to be so overwhelimg that all the fish, no matter what kind, is going to taste the same so I'll just lightly sprinkle my fish with some salt and dillweed. I do want the specific flavor of each different kind of fish to prevail. I'll be cooking it in olive oil and that is the least offensive of oils to fix it in. 

Eating fish does help me with my dilemna of really being a vegetarian and now worrying with my new diet about getting enough protein. I thought I would have to eat meat in order to get it but fate has made this decision for me and I don't have to. I did get off easy, didn't I? 

The Exfactor is helping me take care of all sorts of last minute little chores that need to be taken care of before my friend Judy gets here. I write them on the white board in the kitchen as I think of them and yesterday gave him a small list of iitems to get in various places where I normally don't come. Since he's officially my caretaker and he gets a yearly stipend for this role, he does have to work for his money. 

I'm now smoking my last cigarettes and will have to put on a nicotine patch soon. Then I will have to air out the apartment and clean and put away all three ashtrays. I think I have enough Febreze left over to spray on the furniture to make it smell better. I will have to buy a new bottle, though, because this one will not suffice for the whole apartment. I will wash my bathrobe because it is very stinky and smells of smoke. 

You see, I have a busy day ahead of me. I hope I don't go stir crazy. 


Connie Rose said...

Uh, pardon me, but fish are animals. If you eat fish you are not a vegetarian, you're a pescetarian! Not that I'm judging...I'm having my own difficulties going vegan these days, trying (thinking about but not yet doing) to lay off dairy products (cheese and eggs). Just sayin'.

Rob-bear said...

Busy lady that you are. I'm glad to hear that you have quit smoking. Smoking, I discovered, is one of the things which played havoc with my digestion (back in the says when I was smoking — that ended in 1983).

We are eating more fish in our household, and finding it quite digestible. Instead of salt, I tend to use pepper. The suggestion about dill is good. Thanks.

I hope the Exfactor proves to be worth his hire in the next week or so, as you get ready for Judy's arrival.

Blessings and Bear hugs.