Friday, October 26, 2012

The rain keeps pouring down.

I was lucky enough to be able to take Tyke for a walk earlier this morning because it is raining hard now and it doesn't look like it is about to stop. The sky is very overcast and gray and it is also on the cold side so it is a good idea to wear a warm winter coat. Luckily, Tyke's fur has grown back enough for him to be warm so I don't have to worry about him being cold when we are out there. Gandhi is curled up very cozily on Tyke's pillow in my bedroom so she doesn't suffer from the weather at all.

The handmade collars arrived in the mail yesterday and I put them on Tyke and Gandhi right away. They are very well made and colorful and look very good. Gandhi had a bit of a hard time getting used to hers and it also has a little bell so she thought that was very odd. Tyke thought this was interesting and kept following her around wherever she went. He looks very handsome in his collar and it is like he knows it because he acts very proud. I suspect him of strutting but I am not sure. 

I am expecting a domestic help in a while and I wonder what sort of a person I am going to get today. I sure hope it is going to be an agreeable one. If it isn't, I will send her or him away. I am not going to stand for an insolent cleaning person today. I will call their manager if that is the kind of person I have to deal with.

The Exfactor is coming by later this afternoon. I have started to buy "wit bier" and he has gotten into the habit of coming by  at the end of the afternoon to have a glass. That way we can have a nice and relaxed conversation and the end of the day before either one of us has to fix dinner. I do not drink the beer myself and have some coffee or orange juice instead because I will stand on my head from one bottle. I just do not handle the stuff very well. 

I have been taking photos with my smart phone because I can not find the small cable to connect my camera to the computer to upload the photos I have taken with it. I have no idea where I put it and am going to have to look everywhere. The camera of the smart phone takes good photos and the nice thing is that you do have them handy wherever you go. I suppose I am truly digitalized now. 

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Maggie May said...

Would be good if you could find the camera cable because I'm looking forward to seeing the pets collars.

We are having dryish colder weather and our clocks go back this weekend making real wintery dark nights. It might be easier to get up un lighter mornings though but eventually it catches up again. I hate it.
Maggie X

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