Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What a meal!

I've decided to try a different kind of food every 24 hours. I figure that's how long it takes to completely pass through my system and do to it what ever evil it wants if it's going to at all. I will go with the premise that whatever I try will agree with me until the opposite is proven. I'm going into this long term experiment with a positive attitude.

After having suffered the effects from eating the toast, my system had somewhat calmed down by the end of the morning today and while I was ar work I started to suffer from a terrible low sugar dip. Since there was nothing to eat there but every sort of cookie, I decided to go home a little early to fortify myself with some nourishing vegetable soup. 

When I got to the downtown area though, I was so hungry that I decided to stop at the Café Monopole on the big square and have two beef croquettes and a plate of french fries instead. I sat out on the terrace under the big umbrella and ate with a healthy appetite but not too quickly in order to let the food settle slowly.

I was able to eat almost everything on my plate and I had no immediate adverse reactions, which I normally do very quickly. The beef croquettes are not like the ones you get at a snackbar and loaded with all kinds of fillers and additives. These are the real thing and hand crafted. The fries were home made and cooked in an uncomplicated oil. 

That meal really filled me up comfortably and I haven't had to eat since then. My gastro-intestinal system is perfectly quiet and happy. The absence of discomfort is a whole new experience and almost eery to get used to. I'm used to pain and discomfort when I've eaten and now there is none. I have no big bloated stomach that had become my trademerk. 

Tomorrow I'm trying chicken fillet from a biologically raised chicken. It will have had a responsible upbringing. And have been able to stand up on it's own two feet and genuinely deserve the name 'chicken.' I've stopped beung a vegatarian and later will try salmon steaks and beef tartaar. I know I can't handle pork. I tried that in the soup in the form of ham cubes but it was not a success.

Eventually, I want to try wheat again but then without the magarine because in margarine there are even traces of lactose so maybe I was reacting to that but I do have to find out.

I'm sure this is al very fascinating to you but it keeps me occupied to no end. It's like I've taken on a new hobby. I'm practicing the fine art of nutrition and being my own guinea pig. It's a good thing that I am half smart so I can draw my conclusions and learn from them. My life is going to be one big experiment for the next few weeks and it will be a most interesting adventure. 

I've suspected that I had a problem with certain kinds of foods for a long time and was on a 'caveman diet' before and felt very good when I was. That's when I had the least amount of stomach problems. I've never had the proper medical guidance though. My GP back then was kind of a flake and I didn't have a lot of confidence in him. 

I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow and buying enough food for a week. I'm assuming that I'll be able to haul it all home on my bike. I'm pretty confident on it nowadays and can handle an extra shopping bag hanging from my handle bars without having an accident with other traffic participants. I'm not an unguided missile anymore but a genuine pro on two wheels. 



Rob-bear said...

Well done, Irene. You are making such progress! Congratulations.

Wisewebwoman said...

Ms Independence even when it comes to self care.

Carry on, you're doing a great job!

Did your friend arrive yet?


VioletSky said...

I spent too many years eating crappy food and refuse to submit myself to it anymore. I also went on a diet where I ate tiny portions (at most a luncheon plate size) of food every two hours which was usually when I got hungry again. Each meal was different and some meals consisted of an apple, or cereal, or an egg. I think I ate healthier then than at any other time, but I was also not working much so had to be inventive and had lots of time. Good for you for trying all this on your own. It may take awhile, but could be an interesting experience!