Monday, October 08, 2012

Lickity split....

My daughter had send me a birthday card that came with a little necklace that had an amethyst as a pendant and I put it on immediately, but because I was with my thoughts on other subjects, I soon didn't remember the name of the stone and it's healing properties and I'm not even sure anymore if she even told me what they were, although I think she must have. All I knew was that, because it came from her, it was very important that I wear it always and never take it off. 

This morning I had a substitute domestic help and we started talking about all sorts of things and it turned out that she was taking a course in minerals and gems and their healing properties, so I asked her what was on my necklace and what it was good for. She told me it was an amethyst and that it gave you peaceful feelings and that someone who was very stressed and needy could actually drain the amethyst of its energy and it would lose it color. 

I thought that was an interesting thing to hear because ever since I've been wearing the necklace my peace of mind has been greater without me knowing that this was the amethyst's purpose. You could say that I am now absolutely open to the idea of minerals and their healing properties and am willing to look into it a bit deeper. I'm more than openminded enough to give it an honest try. 

She also told me that to compliment the amethyst, I should get a mountain crystal and rose quartz. I immediately decided to go to the bijoux shop downtown to look and see if they had anything like that worked into some jewelry and luck would have it that my friend Lucienne called me right then to ask if I wanted to meet her downtown, which I of course said yes to. 

She had some errands to run and when we were done with them, we went to the bijoux shop to inform if they had jewelry with the stones that I was looking for. There was some very gaudy looking stuff with mountain crystals that I did not like, but there turned out to be a selection of stuff with amethysts worked into it and they were pretty stones. 

I tried on a few pieces and managed to find a ring and a bracelet that I liked and I didn't even look at the price, I was so determined to have it. At the cash register, though, it turned out to be not expensive at all and I thought it was a reasonable little gift to myself. 

Now I will be on the look out for pieces of jewelry with mountain crystal and rose quartz in it and I've got a whole new hobby to keep me occupied. Luckily, there's always some new interest that catches my imagination especially when it turns out not to be such an expensive thing..

Because Tyke is such a handsome dog, and so beautifully black, I decided that he needed a special collar. Something that was very unique and that would make him stand out from the rest. I googled dog collars and first got all the usual sites that sold dog collars by the hundreds, but I knew that if I kept looking long enough I would run into the more unique ones. 

I found the website of an artist who hand makes collars to order in different designs and different widths with a complimentary colored suede lining. The collars are very colorful and I've already been in contact with the artist and told her what I want. The collars take about one to two weeks to make. Tyke will be a real dandy with his on and will be the talk of the town. It will be especially appropriate since lately he's throwing all of his charms into getting to know other dogs and being successful too. He will be even more so with such a beautiful collar on. Besides, I do want to show off my dog.

Gandhi doesn't like to wear a collar and will do whatever it takes to take one off if you dare to put one on her. I may try it again with a cheap one first and see if she will tolerate it, but I have no high hopes. I would love for her to have a pretty collar also because people always compliment me on what a pretty cat she is and it would look nice. Maybe she'll appreciate my effort and co-operate this time. 




Rudee said...

I'd like to see your ring and bracelet!

Happy Birthday.

VioletSky said...

oh yes, that sounds like a fun hobby!
a friend of mine once gave me a small pouch filled with such minerals and gems that she thought I might need to get me through my exams. not sure if they helped, but I did pass everything!

Breakfast in California said...

The Greeks and Romans believed that amethyst kept them from intoxication, so they made cups of it, thinking they could drink indefinitely. The crystals will fade if exposed to bright light for a time, not sure how long, though. Enjoy your new jewelry!

Maggie May said...

Perhaps you could take photos of the jewellery and especially of Tykes collar when it comes.
Maggie X

Nuts in May