Friday, October 05, 2012

Another story...

I've decided to write about something else but my spastic bowel and my attempts at finding food that agrees with it. I mean, it could be an ongoing saga and maybe last forever. I could obsessively write about it because it would provide me with endless fodder but I'm sure there are other, more entertaining subjects to write about. 

Yesterday I quit my volunteer job. The death of my sister, and being so closely involved in it, has given me a whole different perspective on my life. I thought I was a cheerfully smiling Mother Theresa but I'm not. I also don't care to have a stress attack because it is of the utmost importance whether or not the cups and saucers and the glasses are lined up on the serving cart perfectly.. 

The job was not difficult to do. I could have done it single handedly but constantly had to play second fiddle to people who didn't do it as well as I diid, Yes, I do have a high opinion of myself but it wasn't rocket science as I've said before. The women who worked there longer than I did were very reluctant to give up any of the work to me. They guarded it as if their lives depended on it. 

After Marianne died, it suddenly seemed too silly to put up with and it seemed that I should aim higher and do a job that I am more suited for. 

I've also decided to move back to my home town which is the town that my sister still ived in. While I was there, I realized how much I liked being there. How much I liked the town itself and the landscape and the people. I felt that being there was like a balsam to my soul. Every muscle in my body relaxed. 

I'm on the waiting list for a 55 plus apartment that's on the edge of a very green and spacious neighborhood very close to the center of town. The apartment building itself sits right on the edge of the forest, only the parking lot seperates me from it. The apartment is a bit bigger than what I have now and has a good sized balcony.

I would hopefully move after I come back from visiting my daughter in Houston.

The friend who is coming to visit me is a woman I've known since I lived in the mountains in Southern California in the 70's when my kids were still young. She was my neighbor and also my teacher because she was a bit older and wiser than I was. She patiently waited for me to grow up. I guess I've done that now.

I do want to mention that I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought different kinds of meat to try out. and I also found margarine that's made of olive oil which I don't seem to have a problem with. I can use that on my morning toast for which I found some very good bread at the 'warm baker.'

After looking at a lot of jars of sauses and mayonnaise, I found one that was based on olive oil and had the  least additives. There are just natural products in it. Once you start reading labels, you realize the amount of junk we actually take in unknowingly. 

I also started reading what was in so called 'natural' juices and was surprised. They are not at all natural. I ended up buying Spa 'Lemon Cactus' because it was the purest beverage in a bottle that would also be fun to drink.

Enough said.

The end.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that will be a big change to move back to your hometown, won't it? How long has it been since you left there? But, as you say, your sister's passing puts life in a whole new perspective and some changes need to be made, so I hope this one goes well for you.

Connie Rose said...

Sounds like all good stuff. I'm so proud of you! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! xoxo

Rob-bear said...

You have the most interesting life, Irene. So many changes coming in such quick succession. Difficult changes; sensible changes. Whatever.

VioletSky said...

Yes, how long has it been since you lived there? These are exciting changes for sure!
and I understand completely about the job - sometimes no matter how competent you are, someone else will feel the need to stand watch over you.