Friday, October 19, 2012

Not just any old Friday will do.

I went grocery shopping this morning and didn't have to wear a jacket because for some mysterious reason the weather has turned beautiful. We are having an Indian summer. I very leisurely rode my bike to the store in the pleasant morning sunshine and enjoyed the mild temperature very much. I'm ever so grateful that the weather is like this and would give a lot to keep it this way but I think that is a lot of wishful thinking. 

I didn't have a very long shopping list but I took my time anyway and walked all through the store in case I forgot to put anything on the list. I did say that I liked shopping at the other smaller store the other day but that was just a temporary delusion and I really do like shopping in this bigger store because there is so much more choice and I feel I can really shop for the best price. 

Besides, usually at least one of the meats is on special and if I'm lucky, it is fish or chicken and I can stock up. I wasn't that lucky today unless you count the salmon steaks and they were very expensive and not for me to buy. Those are better got at the market downtown. I did discover chicken sausage and decided to try that but I did get the ones made from free range chicken although they were a bit more expensive. 

Because Tyke refuses to eat his very good kibbles and would rather go hungry, I decided to buy him some very good liverwurst after I heard on the radio what the meat in canned dog food is made of. I won't tell you here what it is. When I got home, I made him two sandwiches with whole grain bread from the "warm baker" and the liverwurst and cut them in bite sized pieces. 

I've never seen a dog as happy with his food as Tyke was and he very delicately ate it too. When he was done, he looked all over the place for more but I thought that was more than enough. I cut up some of the liverwurst in little pieces for Gandhi, so it was her lucky day also. To say she liked it would be an understatement.

I had also bought some goat cheese and assumed I would be able to eat it because a goat is not at all related to a cow. I had slices of it on toast and it agreed with me very well and I then had more of it until I was very full. What a joy that was. And I have no problems at all.

For dinner Tyke and I will be eating chicken and potatoes and baby carrots. I know that I for one am looking forward to it very much. I almost like nothing better than fixing dinner. I think that's because everything turns out well and I eat it with a healthy appetite. It's fun if you also cook for your dog and then pick out the best morsels for him while he very obediently sits beside you at the table. He does have good manners.

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