Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The sensibilities and the joys.

It´s been a most amusing day so far and I really can´t give you the exact reason why except that today I seem to see the humor in everything and can only look at life from the bright side. That does not mean that I´m blind to the tragedy of it but would you expect that of me of all people? 

I suppose that sometimes you get a break and get a day like this that´s completely lighthearted and in which nothing weighs heavy and anything at all brings a smile to your face. You feel like that person who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Or is that a Dutch expression? You do know my meaning, don´t you?

I am not going to bother to try and find the reason for my good humor but just accept it as a given and enjoy it as I have been doing all day long. It has certainly made doing all of today´s chores a breeze. And to tell you the truth, it has made sitting around and staring off into the middle distance every once in a while a lot of fun too. 

I´ve been walking Tyke as if I was a woman on a mission and there was a pot of gold waiting at our destination. Never was there so much purpose to my stride. I would have run over anyone who tried to share the sidewalk with me. I automatically managed to keep Tyke moving in the right direction without really paying attention. I jubilantly thought of ten other things I could be doing. 

I translated all my soup recipes into English so my daughter would be able to make them too. I got stuck on the word `courgette` and for the longest time didn´t know the English word for it without looking it up. I wanted to write down ´eggplant` but I knew that was wrong. When I finally did figure it out, I didn´t know how to spell it. I think my daughter will forgive me this lapse. It won´t hinder her in making the soup. 

The Exfactor had fixed a hook to the door of the guestroom so that it would stay open on a gap to allow Gandhi to get through but Tyke to stay out. This way Gandhi can get to the cat flap that´s in the patio door that´s in that room and Tyke can´t jump on the bed. 

We thought the gap was too small for Gandhi to fit through. This afternoon she was in the guestroom and I put the door on the hook and took Tyke for a walk. When I came back, Gandhi was in the living room which meant that she had managed to make her way through that little gap anyway and the Exfactor won´t have to replace the hook. I think cats can make their way through any opening at all. They must be made of bendable rubber and adapt their shape. 

It´s also good that Gandhi has a room to eascape to where Tyke can´t come because sometimes he is a little bit too much adoring and won´t leave her alone. What he really tries to do is show her that he´s second in line in the hierachy and that she comes last and she very good naturedly doesn´t argue with him. 

I´ve gotten completely used to drinking black coffee and can´t even imagine drinking it with milk anymore. I think I qualify as a real tough broad now and I enjoy saying, `I´ll have a black coffee, please.` If they ask me if I want sugar with that, I give them a very scornful look. Who do they think they´re dealing with?


Wisewebwoman said...

yes, one tough broad indeed.

I think Maltese Falcon and "Come up and see me some time" without all that smoke.


Rob-bear said...

Wonderful to hear you've had such a delightful day! I hope you have a lot more of them.

The word you're seeking is spelled "zucchini."

And drinking coffee black, with no sugar, is the only civilized way for a real woman to take it.